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No crunching abdominals or Urdhva Prasarita Padasana (double leg raises) during pregnancy.

The stretched out abdominal muscles are unable to stabilize the low back, thus creating more damage to spinal joints. Dolphin Chattaranga or side plank is an alternative.

Watch hyper-extension in your spine, pulling forward too much off your pelvis.

Watch this in particular in Tadasana, Utkatasana, and most of the standing poses. Remember to hug the baby or your ribs in towards your back body.

Arms over head, feeling dizzy? simply keep them in prayer position during the standing poses.

During Shavasana, it is sometimes recommended by doctors to prop up your right hip with a blanket or roll, so that baby gets adequate blood supply.

Otherwise, lie on your left side with a bolster in between your legs and one in front of your body and underneath your head. You can also come into Viiparita Karini or legs up the wall for swollen ankles and feet OR you can also some into Shavasana with bolsters stacked on top of blocks, bringing you at an angle forward.

Please be aware that between the 11th, 12th and 13th weeks of pregnancy, is one of the most crucial periods of gestation.


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Our dedicated and skilled instructors are committed to individually mentoring our students to fully experience the gifts of yoga: physical toning, flexibility, balance, body awareness, and mental clarity. We offer an upbeat, welcoming environment with a priority on safety and personal challenge. Each class is filled with creative energy, variety, and humor to keep you inspired in your practice.

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