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Best Adult Self-Defense Classes In Naperville, IL

The physical training in our adult programs consists of learning how to strike utilizing entire body weight and not relying on muscle strength or speed, employing powerful throws and devastating joint locks/breaks, applying effective ground fighting techniques, dealing with multiple attackers, disarming firearms and edged weapons, as well as training with historical weapons. Our system is a complete martial art that is not a bunch of techniques thrown together, but actually a proven system that has been passed down for over 900 years.

Black Belt Class

Once students have internalized the above mentioned material and pass their black belt test, they will qualify to train in the secret strategies of the 12 lineage systems that comprise our unique martial art. This training will take a student from an enthusiast to a master martial artist.

Kan - Hall or building



What is PAPA Aikido USA?

PAPA Aikido USA "The Hombu Loyalists Group" is located at Warrior's Edge Martial Arts in Naperville, IL. We only teach Aikido based on O'Sensei Morehei Useshiba's teachings, just like the Pilipinas Aikido Propagation Association (PAPA) in the Philippines. PAPA is affiliated with the Aikido World Headquarters, Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. PAPA is also the Hombu Aikido representative organization in the Philippines tasked to organize, propagate and develop Aikido throughout the Philippines. PAPA Aikido USA was founded by Sensei Johnny Tenegra. Sensei Michael Eichenberg and Sensei Jose Soriano are co-founders.


About Warrior's Edge Martial Arts:

Warrior’s Edge Martial Arts is dedicated to providing a friendly, inviting, and relaxed atmosphere. The focus of the school is on our students and their personal mastery of Banzenkan Aiki-Ninjutsu and Aikido. Both martial arts systems provide simple yet effective self-defense techniques. We believe that our students can achieve the “Edge For Success” by training in secrets that were once used by the Samurai and Ninja warriors of Japan. These secrets can be used in case of a physical attack but even more importantly in the student’s interactions in everyday situations, providing them with the confidence, self-discipline and strategies to excel in life.

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