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James Renner celebrates our obsession with true crime and shares weirdly funny stories about his life hunting serial killers and hosting crime shows. His job often places him in compromising situations -- from being scammed into buying crack for his neighbor to accepting rides in cars from strange men at crime scenes. He explores the big questions behind our guilty pleasure, such as why is true crime so popular and whether killers are born bad or made that way. From "Serial" to "Making a Murderer", Renner takes us through the absurd world of popular crime and finds the humor at its heart. James Renner is a journalist from Cleveland, the author of "True Crime Addict", and the host of Discover ID's "Lake Erie's Coldest Cases". He also has a popular podcast, "The Philosophy of Crime". He has appeared on the Oxygen Network, is a frequent guest of CrimeCon, and was the subject of a profile on CNN.

2100 Arden Way, 95825
Sacramento, CA
United States

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