Tony's Market posted Butcher's Best Weekend Exclusive | USDA Prem. Choice Napa Roasts for $15.98/lb! Tony's Market Ohio City-West Side - Cleveland:

USDA Prem. Choice Napa Roasts for $15.98/lb!

Limited Quantity Available • Offer Ends November 10th, 2019 • No Substitutions
Roast beef? More like Roast BEAST.
The often overlooked Napa or NY Strip Roast comes from the loin section and is the best of both worlds! Leaner than the traditional rib roast and extremely tender, you can feed your love for NY Strip Steaks while enjoying a savory roast. These are also a great option for the holidays! If you have leftovers, we suggest using them to make an amazing roast beef sandwich.
We aged these loins 21 days as a Tony's standard practice to make sure you…

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