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How to find quality healthcare

When you think about the problems facing the U.S. healthcare system, the first thing that comes to mind is probably cost. The issue of quality, or what we get for these expenditures, is usually a secondary concern, unless you or a family member are undergoing treatment. Even so, I believe that promoting the use of high-quality providers is key to solving the problem of high health costs. In a free market, higher-quality goods and services generally cost more than those of lesser quality. This is not always the case in healthcare because of how prices are negotiated between healthcare providers and payers. Historically, providers are paid according to the services they perform, regardless of how well they perform the service. When costs are not aligned with value, low-quality care can actually cost more than high-quality care. Repeat surgeries, hospital readmissions, and other unnecessary treatments increase utilization and costs. In addition, healthcare providers' top management is

How to find quality healthcare
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