HABERSHAM EMC posted Habersham EMC Announces December Rate Decrease HABERSHAM EMC Clarkesville, GA:

Habersham EMC Announces December Rate Decrease

As a continuation of the rate decrease in November, Habersham EMC members will see a credit on their December bills due to the reduction of the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment (WPCA) factor. This reduction will benefit almost every Habersham EMC (HEMC) member.
HEMC members will save $28.00 for every 1,000 kWh used, resulting in a total savings of approximately $2.5 million for the membership. The actual savings will vary depending on the amount of energy used.
The WPCA Factor reflects the fluctuations in HEMC's cost of wholesale power purchased. The HEMC Board of Directors approved this adjustment to the WPCA…

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