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OMB proposed changes to how poverty is measured. The proposed changes would have damaging effects on individuals, families and communities.

Hospital water systems are at risk for waterborne diseases. Learn about the equipment risks associated with waterborne diseases to protect employees and patients.

The resolution must be submitted with documentation that the State Association or Regional Association acted on the proposed resolution: the resolution was considered by the body, disseminated to their respective membership and has been supported by the majority and passed by whatever process is used in the state or regional association
The resolution, along with its source, must be signed by the president and the executive…

I work with a lot of clients, and one of the most common questions/concerns people have is how to camouflage an employment gap.

Switching from manual to electronic record keeping may seem daunting, but the benefits of technology outweigh the alternative of keeping paper records.

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- On Tuesday, the Bears announced that they will give away a gift representing the particular era being honored on each day of their ten home games at Soldier Field as part of team's 100th anniversary celebration.
The Bears announced that they will give away a bobblehead for each of their ten home games featuring a player or players from the particular era being honored on that day.

The hotel block at the Marriott is now sold out. Please book your reservation within our room block at the hotel next door, the Intercontinental Chicago Magnificent Mile (505 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611)
To make your hotel reservation at the Intercontinental Chicago, click here . Please note that our room block is almost full. You can also call 1-800-628-2112 (312-944-4100 for international calls) to…

Learn what a social enterprise is, what types of social enterprises are currently operated by CAAs, where to obtain funding, potential obstacles and how to o...

People often put on personal fall arrest system incorrectly. Learn how to put on a fall protection harness to ensure you're properly protected in case of a fall.

JOHN ADAMS Despite more than a decade of economic growth in Canada, many middle-income families are not benefiting from our country’s success as fully as they could. Primerica has spent the past 3…

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This guest blog was written by Karen Keith at the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA). TDHCA is the CSBG Grantee for the State of Texas
I’m not a native Texan; however, I did get here as quickly as I could and I take great pride living in and working for this great State of Texas. Texas is well-known for many things, including The Alamo, cowboy hats and boots, the best BBQ, Friday Night Football (yes, we do capitalize each word…

Knox Countian Dustin Yother has only ever wanted to be a lineman—it’s in his blood. “My dad and two uncles were linemen, so that’s something that I’ve always wanted to do,” Yother says as he sits in

Every two years the Office of Community Services provides an opportunity for our Network of Community Action Agencies to provide direct feedback to the State Offices through the American Customer Satisfaction Survey (ACSI). The time is here for the third ACSI which will be made available online on Thursday, May 9, 2019 and will remain open through June 4, 2019. This is a great opportunity for…

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May 2018 Community Action Month Toolkit
Annually, the month of May is designated as Community Action Month (CAM). It’s a fantastic opportunity for your agency to share your stories, promote your work, emphasize your impact, and shout your successes. For assistance in planning events, social media posts and activities, please view and download our 2018 Community Action Month Toolkit . You can download most individual pages…

Chicago has a famous 6 way intersection called Six Corners. The intersection is where Cicero Avenue, Irving Park Road and Milwaukee Avenue meet. Also located in the Portage Park Neighborhood on the northwest side. The intersection was once famous for its art-deco style Sears, Portage Theater and as a retail destination. Six Corners has pending development, hopefully some new shopping and apartment buildings will be brought…

Law Suit Days 2019
April 25th - May 3rd
Lake County Probation is collecting gently used adult male & adult female professional attire (suites, sport coats, button down shirts, slacks, ties, belts, dresses, blouses, pant suits, dress pants, scarves, etc.)
The Clothes are used to assist underprivileged clients when they are going to attend job interviews, Court appearances, custody hearings and other obligations which require them…

The CFPB wants to take consumer rights away in YOUR community! Take action against the proposed payday lending and short-term credit rules NOW!

Summer barbecues were made for this shrimp recipe. Grilled and tossed in a combo of Frank’s RedHot® Buffalo Wings Sauce and honey, this dish is spicy, sweet and downright irresistible.

12:00 p.m
of Law Day U.S.A., a day set aside to celebrate
“the rule of law.” In 1961, Congress, by joint resolution, designated May1 st as the official date for celebrating Law Day.
As part of the 19 th Circuit’s Law Day activities, the Court presents Liberty Bell Awards to an individual and an organization for their outstanding commitment and service to the community. In Lake County, the Liberty Bell plaque is presented in Memory of Judge Thomas R. Smoker, a Lake County…

A complaint filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections accuses of violating state campaign finance law.

Learn about immigration history, myths, and facts impacting refugee families. An overview of the immigration crisis from the national and local levels will be provided. Key advocates in the work and resources will be highlighted
10:15 AM - 11:30 AM - Deriving a Legal and Policy Perspective
During this session, a team of legal experts will provide a survey of immigration law and policies which provide…

12:00 p.m
of Law Day U.S.A., a day set aside to celebrate
“the rule of law.” In 1961, Congress, by joint resolution, designated May1 st as the official date for celebrating Law Day.
As part of the 19 th Circuit’s Law Day activities, the Court presents Liberty Bell Awards to an individual and an organization for their outstanding commitment and service to the community. In Lake County, the Liberty Bell plaque is presented in Memory of Judge Thomas R. Smoker, a Lake County…

E&E Metal Fab. does more than bend and weld machine parts and industrial equipment. They create art.

Community Action Agencies to Benefit from First Nonprofit’s Cost-Effective Insurance SolutionsCHICAGO, Ill., March 18, 2019 – First Nonprofit (FNP), a lead

The Ray Bradbury Statue Committee is still $20,000 shy of the $125,000 needed to cover the statue’s cost, but the hope is that seeing the statue come to fruition will help spark the last fundraising push.

What are some of the key characteristics of the most productive teams in your company? From the contributions of individual members’ experience and expertise to unique personalities and share…

"Early childhood learning programs are important to the development of our children," said Alfredo Castelo, Fundación MAPFRE's representative in the U.S. "Fundación MAPFRE is proud to support Head Start and help children in our local communities begin their day with a healthy meal." Fundación MAPFRE gave WCAC a grant that will provide each of the 203 children enrolled in WCAC's Head Start program the equivalent of 89 daily breakfasts.

Director Finalist Reed Perkins will lead the Waukegan Sympphony Orchestra’s third subscription concert of the season titled “Dance!” at 4 p.m. March 17 at Waukegan High School’s Trapp Auditorium.

How can you talk about what you do and why it matters in a way that grabs the attention of your audience? An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech tha...

Timothy Smeeding, a UW–Madison professor of public affairs and economics, and other antipoverty scholars have a plan to reduce childhood poverty by half in 10 years. Here’s a preview from Smeeding of why childhood poverty is such a huge issue and what can be done to help.

Do your teeth ever hurt when you eat or drink something cold? As the enamel on your teeth begins to wear down and your gums begin to recede, a layer of your teeth becomes unprotected. Our dentists in Lakeview are here to explain why this happens and to provide some tips to prevent it.

The labor force is incredibly diverse, full of unique individuals with their own outlooks, beliefs, managerial preferences, and career aspirations. It should come as no surprise, then, that differe…

Dear Community Action Colleagues-
The National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition ( NEUAC ) is seeking local, state, and national co-signers for their letter seeking support for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
This letter is designed for community based organizations, Community Action Agencies, State Associations, and others to sign onto to support the vital role LIHEAP plays in the lives of struggling families. There…

"It doesn’t take a lot for people to do good. If you’re helping one person or one thousand people, it’s still going to make a difference. It’s a big deal."

The following is a message from David Bradley, CEO of the National Community Action Foundation (NCAF), sent February 11, 2019. To access David's original message via your web browser, click here
It now appears likely that Congress will be out during the week of our conference, March 19-22, 2019. The previous 35-day shutdown and the current impasse in negotiating a new budget deal continue to add…

Fall in love this Valentine's Day with gift ideas from Office Depot. Shop online today and see the great prices only available on Officedepot.com.

Born and raised in the Columbus Region, Charleys Philly Steaks is One of US and enjoyed by fans at 600 franchised locations in more than a dozen countries.

The FDIC’s 2018 version of the instructor-led Money Smart for Adults curriculum was released in November 2018! This full replacement of the 2010 version prov...

ROSEVILLE — After confronting subfreezing temperatures, many Michigan residents may be looking for ways to help those less fortunate survive the cold. Macomb Community Action is giving people an opportunity to do just that with its 29th annual Walk for Warmth.