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With reference to undocumented immigrants, Meghan McCain tried to use the "colorblind" argument to sway popular opinion her way on "The View

Singapore is about to introduce a new law to prevent shadow banking by requiring mobile wallet operators and payments startups to ringfence deposits so they don’t function as unregulated banks.

Bringing education and its related resources to remote and marginalised areas of the country is not an easy task. Divya Jain wanted an idea which was low-cost,

The Titanic II will trace the original voyage's route from England to New York

The company did not comment on why it removed the already suspended accounts

A concertgoer filmed the moment a fight broke out between two audience members during a concert in Huntington, New York. Julius Dubose, who performs under the name A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, was on st…

Zelnick, a buff, driven media exec wrote “Becoming Ageless: The Four Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger than ever,” (along with Zack Zeigler.) The book was published in September and Zelnick made the usual publicity rounds on the Today Show and CNN. Zelnick who joined the CBS board in September,

ATLANTA — Well, the stat sheet sure looked pretty. The stat sheet had Eli Manning throwing the ball 38 times, completing 27 of those attempts for 399 yards and a touchdown, and accumulating a ratin…

ZHUHAI, China (AP) — China on Tuesday opened the world's longest sea-crossing bridge linking Hong Kong to the mainland, a feat of engineering carrying immense economic and political significance. Chinese President Xi Jinping presided over a ceremony in the city of Zhuhai to open the 55-kilometer (34-mile)-long bridge linking it to the semi-autonomous regions of Hong Kong and Macau. Digital fireworks exploded on a screen behind him as leaders of the three cities looked on.

The rustling of a gum wrapper during an intense performance of Mahler’s 5th Symphony in Sweden last week led to a “violent attack” in the audience after the gum-rustler smacked the glas…

Oculus VR co-founder Brendan Iribe announced over social media Monday that he is leaving Facebook Inc., the latest in a series of executives to exit from the company.

“Those are the four headwinds facing markets. And ... markets are sort of digesting them and fighting through them. And that’s why we had volatility."

TAPACHULA, Mexico (AP) — The caravan of Central American migrants moving through Mexico toward the U.S. border has bloomed to more than 7,000 people. Here's why the caravan is bigger than previous ones and drawing so much attention. __ WHAT IS THE CARAVAN? The caravan is largely made up of young men and women with children fleeing Central America's violence, poverty and corruption. Most are from…

ATLANTA — This is where old-school meets New Age helmet-to-helmet, and someone is going to get hurt. Someone is going to be placed in some kind of protocol. This is where calculus meets concrete. R…

CheapAir analyzed airfare trends and found how far in advance you should book flights to each region. For flights from the US to the Caribbean, you should book almost seven months in advance, while 66 days is enough time for flights to Canada. Experienced travelers know not to wait until the last minute

PayPal results suggest eBay’s recent marketplace growth spurt may be short lived.

BEDFORD, N.Y. (AP) — The FBI and local police responded to an address near the home of philanthropist George Soros after an object that appeared to be an explosive was found in a mailbox, according to authorities. The Bedford Police Department said it responded to the address in the hamlet of Katonah at 3:45 p.m. Monday after an employee of the residence opened the package. The person placed the package in a wooded area and called police, who alerted the FBI and the…

One’s a 44-year-old accountant who faces five years in prison on federal charges. The other is the president.

By Sarah Terzo Tracy had an abortion by pill. She says: “It took five hours. The pain was terrible; I’d never been through pain like that before. I tried to hold it in, but tears just kept falling all the time. I was vomiting, but nothing was coming up, because I’d had nothing to eat.”

Twitter has removed some accounts thought to be used to circumvent a ban on conspiracy-monger Alex Jones and Infowars, the company said Tuesday. A Twitter spokesman confirmed that the accounts had been removed but provided no additional comment. The company says it usually does not discuss specific accounts. Twitter permanently suspended @realalexjones and @infowars from Twitter and Periscope in early September. It said it based that…

The NBA season is off and running. Locals not expected to be in the playoff mix come spring, but reader Rich Siegelman writes, “If the Nets continue their 8-game improvement from 20 to 28 wins even…

The Trump administration is set to roll out a new policy that could reshape how employers offer insurance coverage.