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As Scott Dunbar and Alan Brawn eyed retirement in recent years, they had to make some serious decisions about the Bangor construction company they started 16 years ago.

Lately I was stopped by a «new» bug while updating my Hydration kit . As I wanted to deploy the latest security updates with Windows Server ...

Get details about changes and new capabilities introduced in version 1906 of Configuration Manager current branch.

We all know that feeling after what should have been a great night of sleep, but instead of waking up refreshed, it takes all the strength you have NOT to hit snooze for the fourth time. Not only does it make it difficult to get out of bed, but it also makes functioning like an adult impossible.

Withings (formerly Nokia Health) health ecosystem of connected devices & apps is designed to improve daily wellbeing and long-term health. Discover our award-winning smart scales, hybrid smartwatches & health monitors.

Lumiere de Vie provides the best skin care products for men and women. Designed to promote the natural healing of all skin types using quality skin care ingredients to achieve m

We've got a few delicious recipes plus a few grab-and-go treats for you to help celebrate World Chocolate Day right here on the blog!

Scope tags was for a long time a mystery for me, I’ve heard about it and I thought I understood what it was until I actually started looking in to what it is. I keep seeing comments and posts…

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Few will agree with him publicly but Iverson is in surprisingly good company.

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Business expenses can sneak up on you. Forget those monthly subscriptions you said "yes" to, and you might face hundreds of dollars in unexpected expenses at quarter's end.

Warm days are best spent soaking up the sun and making waves in the water – and we know they’re even better when you don’t have to pack up the car and drive across town to do so. Spreetail is here to provide you with a thoughtful selection of swimming pools and backyard spas, pool and spa supplies, and pool and spa toys and accessories. With our selection of backyard spas and pools from brands like Intex, Bestway, Coleman, Little Giant, and Pentair…

★★★★★ Always call ahead of time to setup exact day and time. Always polite and ask me if any additional problems or needs at each appointment.
Great job Derrick!

Sodium in food can be disguised even from our taste buds. Given the health risks associated with too much salt, it pays to know where it might be hiding.
We worry sometimes about additives in our food – preservatives, coloring, artificial flavors, MSG. But possibly the most harmful additive in many common foods is one we don’t think about very often – salt

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Plus, you can now pay a premium to request a quiet Uber driver, and there is a new mentorship app.

Facebook denies a consumer can create an account, make friends, and build a social network, which are all things you can do on Facebook...

As an entrepreneur, you need to eat, sleep and breathe your products or services. Here's how to do that better.

Team, I’d like to share with you a great announcement regarding SHOP.COM Global Deliveries to Canada – as we’ve just secured UPS Expedited Service as our delivery service for Global SHOP.COM orders in Canada. That means you’ll now be able to get the products you love even quicker! Continue reading below to learn more about this exciting development which will have a huge impact on UFOs and PCs in Canada
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U.S. Market America products delivered in Canada in as few as…

★★★★★ Clark is an excellent company to deal with. I have them on a regular pest control contract and recently hired them to do a special project which they did well and with great relations.

★★★★★ Clark Pest Control has professional employees who are on time and they get the job done. I like the fact that they can come on a Saturday. They always send a post card reminder two wks in advance. I would definitely recommend their services.

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