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Rapper Bow Wow bit back at daytime talk show host Wendy Williams after she levied devastating criticism against him for his vile and crude comments about his ex-girlfriend Ciara. As rolling out reported last week, Bow Wow, 32, told a crowd while performing at an Atlanta nightclub that “I had the b—- first. You know…

Since America's inception America has always shown admiration for Black culture, but no so much Black people. America has shown us over and over again they could less about Black people as a collective. “Cultural appropriation

Women have had to fight several battles in society all through out history to be where they are today in America. To be a women who works hard, provides, and is an amazing mother is well applauded …

EXCLUSIVE: Undrafted punt returner Vernon Turner might have come into the NFL through modest auspices, but his inspiring life story will head to the screen backed by a high wattage group of produce…

The beloved creator of many iconic comic book characters died at age 95 last year.

A wonderful combination of flavors come together, enhanced only by an assortment of fresh vegetables from your local farmers market. Pair with an IPA or glass

Nigerian artist Skales joined AfroFlava radio to talk about his new music projects.

The amazing Yemi Alade came to the studios to visit the AfroFlava Radio team!

Yemi Alade, the Queen of Afrobeat, stopped by the studios to talk about her new music and the growth of the Afrobeat genre

In 2001 Melania Knauss scored a coveted visa reserved for people of "extraordinary ability".

Patrick Carlineo, a supporter of President Donald Trump from New York, was charged with threatening to kill Rep. Ilhan Omar and saying, "Why are you working for her, she's an (expletive) terrorist. I’ll put a bullet in her (expletive) skull."

About a third of the way through his 90+-minute speech at a campaign rally in North Carolina on Wednesday night, President Donald Trump began to attack Somali-born Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar. It was a continuation of a series of racist tweets he had sent over the weekend in which he urged Omar -- as well as three other liberal, non-white, female members of Congress to go back where they came from.

SUPAI, Ariz. (AP) — For a few hours, Beyoncé had a famed blue-green waterfall in northern Arizona to herself. The Havasupai (hav-uh-SU’-peye) Tribe says it was honored to grant the singerR…

Sanaa Lathan is an African-American actress best known for science fiction television and film. She will next voice Catwoman for Harley Quinn.

Jharrel Jerome's powerful performance in When They See Us has earned the actor an Emmy nomination.

The president is a racist, in his words and his actions. Before you go clutching your pearls and extolling the virtues of “civility,” let me say this: put a sock in it. This is not a new revelation, nor is it something that we can continue to ignore as though it were coming from a drunk uncle at the family barbeque. Bigotry is dangerous and, in the hands of our nation’s commander-in-chief, it can mean an inability to recognize individual...

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The 2% stock increase suggests the company's socially conscious business decisions directly affect their bottom line.

The city of New Orleans was put under a flash flood emergency this morning as a tropical system, which could become a hurricane, forms. Follow here for the latest.

Summer Berry Stuffed French Toast Casserole Bake. A little cream cheese, fruit jam, strawberries and blueberries and topped with more berries!