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As the unique system LinkedIn engineers built over the years gets replaced with a public cloud, how much of the innovation will Microsoft retain?

Our Sunday morning and Wednesday night Bible studies are still meeting over the summer.
Everyone is welcome to join!!
Join the Men in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday morning, August 10th at 8:30 AM, for FAITH, FOOD and FELLOWSHIP!
We need people to sign up for our Hospitality Ministry!!
If you are able to usher during Sunday service or help at the connection desk before and after church please let Amber know!

Key features features being added and support from traditional vendors growing, the disaggregated-network OS may be ready to grow beyond hyperscale platforms.

Unable to secure enough support to pass a plan for widespread tolling on the state’s major highways, top Democratic lawmakers and Gov. Ned Lamont are now discussing ideas they previously rejected: tolling trucks only and placing tolls on select bridges in need of repair. “There has been discussion back and forth where the governor has indicated his support for a consensus compromise for transportation infrastructure that…

JT Lewis, the brother of a Sandy Hook victim, is running for state Senate against Tony Hwang.

Trying to survive the carnage AWS and the like are causing in the Big Data space, Cloudera is open sourcing its entire product line.

Israeli developer Azrieli joins existing investors RedBird and Ontario Teachers’ in the deal

What does it mean? How do you get to your destiny?
Destiny is defined as your pre-ordained future. Joseph (The Story of Joseph: Genesis 37-50 ) was destined to become great and he did that by doing the best job at the moment:
As a boy, he obeyed his father.
As a slave, he obeyed Potiphar.
As a prisoner, he became friends with those around him.
As a brother, he showed forgiveness.
Challenge yourself to do the best job possible in life.

Citing strain on its property market and power networks, city government halts new data center construction until the end of the year.

As weather becomes increasingly unpredictable, so do prices in the state’s uniquely deregulated energy market.

Bring them to church or the office
2 Faith Lessons from Jacob
1. Faith recognizes where the real blessing comes from (John 6:68-69)
2. Faith is Tenacious. God will not give up. He will come after you. (Luke 18:1-8)
2. Am I holing on to Jesus? Will I not let go?
June 30 - Abram and God
July 7 - Jacob Wrestles God
July 14 - Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors
July 21 - Gideon
August 4 - David and…

In case you missed anything, here are the 10 biggest things we wrote about in June.

Associates in the Tampa District collected household goods, personal care items and notebook paper and pens for the seniors.

MADISON - You can talk about replacing receiver Zack Hochman on Notre Dame-West Haven's football team, but the very concept implies that's all you're replacing
Here was a player who led the team in receptions, touchdowns, interceptions, was a short-yardage quarterback, returned kicks, punted, and not for nothing, was called a leader like few the school has ever had.
The good news for the Green Knights is that Hochman leaves a legacy in the way he led some of the younger players around…

Mars, like any other rocky world, has its fair share of craters. These scars of ancient impacts give the dusty surface of the planet some serious personality, and sometimes it's easy to forget that new craters can happen right before our eyes. That's exactly what seems to have occurred, and a

For all of the hoopla surrounding Elon Musk's online antics and Tesla's ongoing struggles to ramp up Model 3 production, it's easy to overlook just how far the company has come in a relatively short period of time. In less than seven years time, Tesla managed to roll out the award-winning

There are a lot of factors that determine whether a customer will become loyal to your shop. With so much competition for automotive repair business, can you say you are doing enough to build loyalty with those who visit your shop?

Despite health problems, being socially active and having social goals - but not family goals - appears to ease the decline in well-being that people often experience late in life.

The People Link Blog - The People Link has been matching fantastic employees with great employers for over 20 years! - Just as job seekers must adhere to a proper etiquette during the hiring process, if they wish to eve