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The Fee Shark, unlike most sharks, has a diet that consists entirely of ATM fees. Avoid Fee Shark attacks with Fifth Third Bank's network of over 50,000 fee-free partner ATMs.

Persistence in prayer evoked the admiration of Jesus and wins the attention of the Lord when Abraham intercedes for Sodom. The life of the baptized—to be rooted and built up in Christ Jesus the Lord—is to be rooted in prayer. God hears and answers prayer and so strengthens God’s own. “When I called, you answered me; you increased my strength within me.” (Introduction from Sundays and Seasons)
Adult Bible Study, 9:30 a.m
Explore the Bible with other adults in this Sunday morning discussion…

WE ALL LIKE to show off our personality and sense of style in the way we present ourselves, from clothing to hairstyle to cosmetics. Piercings are often an important component of personal image, bu…

Perhaps the church, at its best, is “all ears.” Almighty God urges the faithful, again and again, to “listen up!”—to heed the word from above. So it was with Abraham and Sarah, with Mary and Martha, and the early church at Colossae. So it is today as we join the assembly to hear the word of God, the words of life. (Introduction from Sundays and Seasons)
Adult Bible Study, 9:30 a.m
Explore the Bible with other adults in this Sunday morning discussion group…

IT MIGHT SEEM LIKE diabetes and oral health have little to do with each other, but this is unfortunately not the case. One of the most common effects of diabetes is, in fact, gum disease, and the t…

Christina Auch is celebrating five years at Ascension Lutheran Church in Shelby.She was ordained and installed as pastor there on June 22, 2014.

GameStop: Buy POP! Sanrio - Hello Kitty: Gamer Hello Kitty - Only at GameStop, Funko, Collectibles, Find release dates, customer reviews, previews and screenshots.

WHEN WE PICTURE SOMEONE with braces, we usually picture a teenager with a mouthful of colorful brackets. What we don’t typically picture is orthodontic appliances on younger children. However, inte…

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Could a temp job be a good move for you? Evidence suggests it can. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Live streaming of Shelby Golden Lions football on KTC Broadcasting & on the radio at WOHS 1390AM / 101.5FM

Listen Live on the radio in Cleveland County, NC at WOHS 1390AM / 101.5FM Watch the Kings Mountain High School 2019 Graduation Ceremony

Watch Crest High School Graduation Ceremonies Live WOHS 1390AM / 101.5FM & KTCbroadcasting.com

Watch Burns High School Graduation with KTC Broadcasting KTCbroadcasting.com WOHS 1390AM / 101.5FM

Should you seek work in North Carolina? The numbers are in and the answer is yes!

The 15th Annual Senior Scholars Banquet was held recently at The LeGrand Center to celebrate and reward the academic successes of the county’s top scholars. Nearly 200 seniors were honored as A. Mickey Church Scholarship recipients as they achieved at least a 4.0 GPA (Grade Point Average) and placed

A monthly magazine highlighting the many great things happening in Cleveland County Schools. Go Team CCS!

Fifth Third Bank chief invest strategist Jeff Korzenik on how the stock market could benefit from ex-cons entering the workforce.

April 2019 – Mount Laurel, NJ – Sliverchair will sponsor the Annual Meeting Mobile App as part of its Platinum Sponsorship at the 2019 Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) Annual Meeting to be held at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina in San Diego, CA, May 29-31
“The SSP Annual Meeting is a vibrant and crucial forum for our industry, and one where we always look forward to engaging with publishers and partners on the challenges and opportunities that we face,“ said Jake…

Don't forget the Green Bean Casserole! Create a dish the whole family will love without breaking the bank. Find everything you need at your local DollarGeneral.

Watch for a new Ingles Athlete of the Week every week during the school year.

Monica was the mother of the man we now know as St. Augustine. Monica was a Christian mother who raised her son in the church and gave him a top-notch, classical education. But Augustine rebelled and lived a life of immorality, abandoning the faith
All the while, for years and years, Monica prayed for Augustine, that he would know Christ and the gift of the forgiveness of sins. At times Monica must have felt that her prayers would never be answered in the…

As you go about your week, think of ways to grow and prioritize your faith
This weekend, look for a jar into which you will drop colored glass stones, depending on the goals you have kept for the week:
1. Place a light blue stone in the jar if you have done daily devotions at least five times during the week.
2. Place a dark blue stone in the jar if you are present in worship for the week.
3. Place yellow/orange stones…