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Given the cost of turnover, it’s understandable that leaders are beginning to turn to employee engagement as a way to increase employee retention.

CLA’s white paper looks at several ways to apply blockchain to financial transactions and information sharing in health care organizations.

Washington state is the latest to update its economic nexus laws to align more closely to the Wayfair ruling. Here’s our latest article.

The benefits of starting an association health plan are plentiful — but does it makes sense for your organization and its members?

The small sweat bees flew into her eyes and may have been drinking her tears as a source of food.

This webinar helped you to determine what steps your institution should take to implement the new revenue recognition standard. We also reviewed the proper documentation you’ll need throughout the process and how to prepare for your year-end audit.

Businesses that provide parking for their employees must now include those costs in their taxable income, but a special rule offers employers some relief if they act by March 31, 2019.

A new year, and the first of four Sage Intacct releases! You might be curious, what kind of new and improved features are we in for? Fasten your seat belts, hold onto your kids, pets, and purses because today’s post will share the top three features that grabbed our attention.

Homer Davis Project volunteers from Roche Tissue Diagnostics wrapped gift boxes so that each child in the food program receives one on their birthday. (Homer Davis Elementary School)
Posted February 22, 2019 / Debe Campbell, AJP Assistant Editor
Students, parents, volunteers, faculty and staff, sponsors, and friends will gather in March to celebrate 10 years of “Making a Difference Every Day: The Homer Davis Project.” The…

Setting up a non-grantor trust can create additional Section 199A deductions, however, you must be careful not to get greedy.

Fireworks, food and fun! Celebrate Independence Day in Wisconsin by attending one of the many 4th of July celebrations around the state.

Dozens of companies that buy U.S. commodities wrote Congress supporting a tax-law change that would reassert some balance to the tax benefits farmers receive for selling to farmer cooperatives but would tone down the tax deduction compared to language in the new tax law.

Validation Founder – Naomi Feil
Naomi Feil is the developer of Validation. She was born in Munich in 1932, and grew up in the Montefiore Home for the Aged in Cleveland Ohio, where her father was the administrator and her mother, the head of the Social Service Department. After graduating with a Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University in New York, she began working with the elderly
Between 1963 and 1980 Mrs Feil developed Validation as a response to her dissatisfaction…

After Marriott purchased Starwood Hotels & Resorts for $13.3 billion in September 2016, a tough question emerged: What would Marriott do with all those

Thank you for sharing your insights for and support of individuals with additional needs
January 20th Guest Speakers
“Sleep” at 9 AM
If you missed Dr. Colon’s presentation on Sleep here is a video on Sleep and Wellness he did just a few years ago
Illene Courtright, Speech and Language Pathologist
“Apraxia” at 10:30 AM
If you missed Illene Courtright’s presentation on Childhood Apraxia or you…

The roadway death toll in Lee marked the first back-to-back years of triple digit fatalities since 2006-2007

Many who are weighed down with debt opt first for self-help. But sometimes you just cant do it alone. Heres how to tell when you need to call in a financial fitness expert.

We were TRULY flattered Cox Media wanted to highlight our company in their recurring Community Spotlight feature in conjunction with our first-ever Community...

Vowel sounds are usually in a lower range, but certain consonant sounds are higher in pitch. Consonants are responsible for giving words meaning; if you can’t hear them clearly enough

PHILLIPS — A nationally recognized pest control company, Truly Nolen Pest Control, opened a location in Phillips last month.

Yesterday, Toby Srebnik (@fsutoby), Social Media manager for Tilson PR put together a fantastic Social Media Campaign for Truly Nolen @trulynolen), a pest an...

The new year is ushering in a renewed urgency to embrace the possibilities of digital transformation. The cloud and network are critical.

It isn't just humans who need to be concerned about sun exposure. Oncologist Dr. Ann Hohenhaus discusses some common forms of skin cancer that afflict cats and dogs.

For icy treats sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, try these easy-to-make recipes for tasty summer treats to stay cool as the temps get hot.

Are your motorcycle’s wheels tracking true? We’ll show you how to check your alignment in this video from the MC Garage.

Staying hydrated is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. Here are a few of the many reasons why drinking water during pregnancy is important.

A natural immune booster, drinking water in various formats can benefit different aspects of your health and facilitate positive effects on the body.

FROM TAMPA - I-4 to exit 7A (Highway 301 South) - south (right) 1/4 mile - entrance on the right - US Highway 301 Entrance gate OR - I-4 to exit 5 (Martin Luther King Blvd) - east approximately 2 miles - entrance on left - Martin Luther King Blvd Entrance gate FROM ST PETERSBURG/CLEARWATER - I-275 North to I-4 East to eixt 7A (US 301 South) - south (right) 1/4 mile - entrance on the right - US Highway 301 Entrance Gate…

Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman LLP (Vicenti), a top 50 California CPA firm, has joined national professional services firm CliftonLarsonAllen LLP (CLA), effective June 1, 2017.

From "One Way Out - Live At The Beacon Theatre" Disc One 03 Midnight Rider

Designer Ritsert Mans and scientist Peter Mooji from Netherlands has successfully managed to build a motorcycle from wood, that is claimed to be powered by algae fuel.

The General Assembly of North Carolina has enacted Senate Law 2017-10, which streamlines mortgage notice requirements, effective immediately. On May 18, 2017, Bruce L. Scheiner sat down with WBBH-TV after a tragic drowning accident took place in Cape Coral. Associates & ...

Schilling Hard Cider is on the leading edge of the fast-growing hard cider industry thanks to its emphasis on old-school, traditional cider making and forward-thinking,…

Click here to watch Lucy Hale behind the scenes of her photo shoot with Byrdie, and find out what her hidden talent is.