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The man is questioned over claims he racially abused a waitress at a force's Christmas party.

Speed cameras are also expected to be installed on the road where the Duke of Edinburgh's car overturned.

The lonely male in a Bolivian museum was thought to be the last Sehuencas water frog, but an expedition has found him a potential mate.

Japanese officials are trying to work out whether the famous British street artist has paid a visit.

Patients in England are struggling to get hold of drugs such as painkillers and anti-depressants.

Some councils aim to fill potholes within minutes but others take more than a day, new figures show.

The pop culture phenomenon and the luxury group are teaming up, and it’s about a lot more than fashion.

U.S. President Donald Trump's new pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency told lawmakers on Wednesday he does not believe climate change is a

Markel Corp. is facing is class action shareholder lawsuit over reserve statements by its investment management unit that are being investigated by U.S.

As U.S. rates of marijuana use continue to rise, workers who use marijuana may be at higher risk of losing their jobs. Job loss may be an overlooked

January 16 – February 16, 2019Click HERE for more information Old Town Theatre 4040 Twiggs St. San Diego, CA 92110 Get your front-row seat to music history in the making! Bringing fierce guitar playing and swing to gospel music, Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a legend in her time and a huge influence on Elvis Presley, …

Del Norte High School and Oak Valley Middle School have cyber security teams ranked first nationally after the first two rounds of the CyberPatriot XI competition.

His reactions to the jokes are pure delight, and make me wistful for innocence
By Anne Wentworth
The theater is in a strip mall, up an ugly staircase. On the landing stands a sad, dusty, fake ficus. The door is unmarked and doesn’t look inviting, but it’s the only door, so I try it. It opens into a comfy room filled with mismatched furniture. A vintage-y bar lined with candy bars and soda holds honor-jars that say “$1 per item.” I ask a…

If you have been active on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter since the new year kicked off, it’s likely that you have come across the latest home improvement sensation that has taken over social media. Usually, viral trends have a habit of making us want to consume more, like buying the newest smart home gadget or …

A study by UCLA researchers is the first to demonstrate a technique for coaxing pluripotent stem cells -- which can give rise to every cell type in the body and which can be grown indefinitely in the lab -- into becoming mature T cells capable of killing tumor cells.

A small bedroom chair easily adds function and style. Whether you're preparing an outfit, working or relaxing, seating in your bedroom is truly useful.

If you use Twitter for Android and had the Protect your Tweets setting enabled, it may have accidentally been turned off at any point since 2014.

New year, new me. I say that every year. In general, I’ve got the healthy eating down, but the older I get, the more I realize that changes to one’s figure — the positive kind, anyway — require a commitment to exercise. I decided to try a Classpass so I could sample all kinds of different exercise classes around San Diego
Classpass is a monthly fitness membership that allows you access to many different classes, studios, and gyms. It’s a national program, but…

My inbox and Twitter messages positively lit up today with people forwarding stories from Wired and other publications about a supposedly new trove of nearly 773 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords that were posted to a hacking forum. A story in The Guardian breathlessly dubbed it “the largest collection ever of breached data found.” But in an interview with the apparent seller…

The widespread use of fentanyl is leading to more drug overdoses in children across the nation and, in San Diego County, the trend is prompting education leaders to push for putting Narcan into local schools, an...

Watsky, Green Leaf Rustlers, The Lil Smokies , Tedeschi Trucks Band
21+ / $28 - $49
Former Black Crowe Chris Robinson may be looking more and more like he posed for the Shroud of Turin, but his voice has only gotten stronger through the years, as heard over the course of several solo projects. His newest, Green Leaf Rustlers, pairs him with frequent Jefferson Starship collaborator Pete Sears, Barry Sless (Moonalice), John Molo (Bruce Hornsby & the Range), and Greg Loiacono (the Mother…