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If you're the president, checks and balances are a real hassle. For all the power you have, the courts can tell you that what you've done is unconstitutional, and Congress can go mucking around in your business with investigations and subpoenas
Every president chafes at the constraints on their authority. But none has felt the same sense of aggrievement that Donald Trump does
As the president…

RICHMOND, Va. - The Democratic Party of Virginia - eager to raise campaign cash and move past scandals surrounding Virginia's top three officeholders - turned away a $2,500 donation this month from Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, D, whom two women has accused sexual assault
Fairfax, who has denied the accusations, made contact with the party on April 1 to reserve a table at the Blue Commonwealth…

District 26-6A
Smithson Valley 7, Clemens 1
Smithson Valley
W - Jarek Wells, L - Kauner Porter.
East Central 4, San Marcos 1

The Spurs are one loss from elimination after Jamal Murray and the Nuggets routed them in Game 5

CAIRO - Egyptians overwhelmingly voted to extend President Abdel Fatah el-Sissi's rule and expand his powers, deepening his hold over the Arab world's most populous nation, according to results of a snap referendum announced Tuesday
Critics and opposition groups quickly denounced the vote to change constitutional amendments as rigged
For weeks now, a highly orchestrated campaign by Sissi's loyalists in the government and private sector has…

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say "never mind about presidential obstruction of justice or abuse of power if there's an election next year."

With direction from the Director of Compliance & Internal Review, is responsible for ensuring that Center management and employees adhere to legal standards, regulations, internal policies and procedures, and the Center’s ethical code of conduct. Responsible for implementing the Center’s internal review program; providing compliance advice, perspective, and analysis; interpreting legal and regulatory obligations related to compliance matters; and assessing and analyzing compliance risks and trends…

Co-founded by artists/arts advocates Bettie Ward and Patricia Pratchett, the Artist Foundation of San Antonio proudly stands out from other local organizations by providing funding...

If you were disappointed to see the local MasterChef Junior contestants head home early this season, there's good news: the hit TV show is bringing young culinary...

LOL. Wait. Something called Muddfest is sliding into the Aztec Theatre on Tuesday, August 27, and, yup, alt-metal band Puddle of Mudd is behind it....

April 22 - 28
FBCSA's Community Missions Ministry is asking that your response to Holy Week is to: LISTEN to your community (home, school, social, work, other)
WALK your community with a lens of generosity and concern
WATCH for those who need to hear the good news, the light
Community Missions is also providing some specific opportunities for you to get involved. Click Here for details .