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This is all part of a bigger $305 million settlement reached against lead paint manufacturers.

New Jersey's Supreme Court terminated the assignment of Judge James Troiano, who spared a teNew Jersey's Supreme Court terminated the temporary assignment of State Superior Court Judge James Troiano, who declined to order a 16-year-old rape suspect tried in adult court because the youth came "from a good family."en rape suspect from adult court due to "good family," "excellent school."

CNN's two-night Democratic primary debate will offer a rematch of Biden and Harris, whose clash over race became the most closely watched moment of the first round of debates.

"I had never met anyone else in my school who was interested in science or medicine the way I was. Just to be in MERIT was extremely refreshing."

KSBW chief meteorologist Lee Solomon has your local weather forecast

For years, they’ve been fighting crime side by side with police officers on the streets of Salinas.

The iconic Z has been around since 1969!In the year 1969, a lot of things were happening around the world - moon landings, music festivals, and many notable markers in American pop culture. Also occurring that year was the official unveiling of the Datsun Z at the New York Auto Show. Datsun was a brand

Yung sub amps combine high technology and manufacturing excellence! Yung's Class-D subwoofer amplifiers range in power from 100 to 500 watts, guaranteeing a perfect fit with any home theater or music system. Unlike common sub plate amps, Yung Class-D amps are capable of sustained full power use!

What Are the Top Tips for Choosing the Best IT Company? Website outages, cybersecurity attacks, and any number of other IT incidents can cost your company

With a dwindling, aging farmworker labor market, Harvest Moon Automations hopes to appeal to farmers who find themselves short on farmworkers.