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Maybe they aren't really a rude person, maybe they are stressed person who is being rude.

Yes, it has been TWENTY YEARS since we all cried our eyes out at the death of a lion, fell in the love with Africa and wished our best friends were a meerkat and a warthog. We still love this story. The Lion King still has it all. Admit it - who hasn't recreated that famous scene with a puppy, cat or teddy bear. We still remember Hakuna Matata ...it's a wonderful phrase...no worries for the rest of your days. And Simba And…

Most cannabis businesses don't realize they can be held liable for a defective product or even a customer's DUI. Find out what you need to know to protect your cannabis company from product liability.

Shop V. Sattui wines at the winery, online and via our wine club. V. Sattui wines are not sold in stores.

Facebook denies a consumer can create an account, make friends, and build a social network, which are all things you can do on Facebook...

Don't feel like you have to take every opportunity that comes your way. But choose wisely.

I hope you are enjoying this summer's wide array of movies as much as I am. We have three perfect summer movies this week: The delightful SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 shows us what mischief our furry friends get into while we're away. Our two Indie must-sees are LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO, a beautiful story of love, family and loss, and HAMPSTEAD, is an easy-to-love story about underdogs who come into the happiness they deserve
Starting on the 19th - Disney's…

302 Likes, 10 Comments - Raymond Vineyards (@raymondvineyard) on Instagram: “Do you have your next trip to Napa scheduled? We can’t wait to see you🍇🍷❤️”

As an entrepreneur, you need to eat, sleep and breathe your products or services. Here's how to do that better.

With a funky Airstream trailer as my home and office, and a detailed work plan, I'm no longer tied to my office.

With interest rates on the rise, you may want to consider making these financial moves.

By General Manager Nat Komes Soliloquy is named for Flora Springs’ proprietary Sauvignon Blanc clone, a singular clone entirely unique to us. It nearly went extinct when the vines became diseased a couple decades ago, but through various heroic measures… More

In a blockbuster paper in 1948, Claude Shannon introduced the notion of a "bit" and laid the foundation for the information age. His ideas ripple through nearly every aspect of modern life, influencing such diverse fields as communication, computing, cryptography, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, cosmology, linguistics, and genetics. But when interviewed in the 1980s, Shannon was more interested in showing off the gadgets he’d constructed — juggling…

When John Komes bottled Flora Springs’ first Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon – the Rutherford Hillside Reserve in 1989 – it became a benchmark for Napa Valley Cabernet, bringing awareness to the concept of site-specific wines. Since then Flora Springs has… More

Founders of Robinhood, Kabbage, Wealthfront and more share their wisdom on everything from saving to investing to the power of new technologies.

Celebrate the Fourth of July 2019 holiday and view the fireworks in the Napa Valley. Each town along the valley has its own special spin, with colorful fireworks displays after dark.

The big day has come: You've been selected to give a TEDx talk. You've worked on it for weeks. Now, how do you ensure someone actually views it?

Shop our estate-grown, handcrafted wines including Merlot, Trilogy, Single Vineyard Cabernets, Flora's Legacy Wines, Halloween wines, and Holiday Cabernets.

Shopify is at the forefront of supporting entrepreneurs -- who never imagined they would be their own bosses -- with a path to success.

As the healthcare industry is focusing more on improving patient experiences, business models must evolve.

As your wealth grows, so does the complexity of managing it. Here's how many high net-worth individuals tackle that challenge.

92 points, Wine Enthusiast The 2017 Sauvignon Blanc offers a great deal of complexity. On the nose, it evokes Golden Delicious apples, honeydew melon, grapefruit zest, white flowers, crushed limestone, and a touch of brioche. Though crisp up front, the mid-palate offers a medium-bodied texture to the wine. Its flavors include fresh pineapple, white nectarines, … Continue reading "2017 Sauvignon Blanc"

When guests ask what to see in Napa Valley, we start with the can’t miss list. After that, though, check out these locals' best kept secrets.

Data is hardly in short supply, which is why it's so important to understand what to measure and how it relates to your business.

Where brands share their insights. What's This
5 Things Every Digital Nomad Needs to Succeed
By Wix
Offices today can take on many more shapes and forms than the traditional cubicles or open spaces. For some people, going to work in the morning might mean carrying their laptop to some exotic beach, pina colada in hand. Without a doubt, there are many advantages in the life of a digital nomad. What could be more appealing than traveling the world and experiencing new opportunities…

What’s the drink of summer? In Napa Valley, Rosé of course, it always hits the spot on a warm day. Before we dive into the best places in St. Helena to enjoy this blushing beauty we wanted to cover how most Rosé is made. It can be made from pretty much any red grape varietal but most commonly you’ll see them made from Grenache, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, and Malbec. So if the winemakers are using red wine grapes how does it get…

This 2018 Petite Sirah Rosé is bursting with fresh nectarines, pomegranates, red plums, mixed berry compote, and a touch of blood orange peel. On the palate, it is crisp and refreshing, offering strawberry tart and stone fruits with a round, fleshy mouth-feel and long, pleasant finish. This wine is best enjoyed chilled.

Although a “rule of thumb” can work well for cooking, it’s not something you want to apply to your life savings and livelihood for decades.

Opening in the wake of a natural disaster didn't alter their vision for the Serafina Beach Hotel.

Pro gamer Nick 'Marksman' Overton explains how to make money and have fun as he prepares for the Newegg + CLG Fortnite Challenge.

An entrepreneur and VC share their experiences and insights in the wake of the Theranos scandal that shocked the biotech world.

As entrepreneurs thinking about selling, you and your partners must be crystal clear about why you want to do that.

This position serves as the foundation for wine and art and design fulfillment for the company. Direct to consumer wine, wholesale wine, and art an...

The first step of homebuying is determining how much home you can afford. These tips help you find t

Clif Family crafts artisan foods for indulgent snacking, entertaining, gifting giving or enjoying in your favorite recipes. Our Executive Chef John McConnell works with our winemaker and culinary team to develop recipes that pair perfectly with our wines. Experience our Savory Nut Mixes, Chocolates, Culinary Spice Blends, Fruit Preserves, Hot Sauces and Extra Virgin Olive Oil at our Tasting Room and Bruschetteria Food Truck . Explore…

Where brands share their insights. What's This
Wix Is Challenging Agencies to an SEO Battle for $25K
By Wix
Wix recently launched a series of advanced SEO tools for professionals. Amongst the SEO community there’s been lots of opinions about Wix SEO—some love it, some hate. But with Wix’s mission to create the most SEO-friendly website builder on the web, having SEO tools for a professional user base is a must. That’s why Wix spent the last year consulting with SEO experts to…

Wondrous wines, bountiful bites and heartfelt generosity came together at Auction Napa Valley, May 30 - June 2, 2019. Join us next year's Auction Napa Valley...

Remarkable Gifts for Every Occasion
A gift of food and wine is perfect for any occasion. At Clif Family we curate a selection of gift offerings featuring our Clif Family wines and gourmet food products. Whether you are looking for a gift for a client, employee, referral, wedding, conference or just something to say thank you, our gifts will surprise and delight everyone on your list
Corporate Gifts
For too long, corporate gifts have found their way into the dark recesses of junk…