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The moon has always held quite the fascination through the centuries. A potent muse, the moon has inspired melodies, poetry, fable, intricate ceremonies, rituals, and literature. There are even stones that are named after the moon - selenite, moonstone are the most obvious.

4 Heart Chakra Stones Love, compassion, forgiveness are all qualities found in the heart chakra. Located in the center of the chest, this chakra connects

A powerful Heart Chakra stone, Green Tourmaline attracts good luck, success, abundance and prosperity. Works well with plants - place it in the soil near a struggling plant to help it survive. Green Tourmaline transforms dense, heavy energy into a lighter, happier vibration
Improve the ease of self-actualization when you wear Rhodonite over your heart. This stone helps to improve self-love and self-esteem. It unites…

Congratulations to Sandra Matuschka for her June Nature Spirit Photo Contest image and story about a wizard-image Vision Stone.

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Tyson Jenkins’ time at Hickory Knolls has come full circle
As a child he was a curious camper, realizing at an early age that his love for nature extended beyond camp hours. As he got older he moved into a counselor-in-training role, then camp counselor aide and this summer for the first time, he is lead camp counselor for the Jr. Naturalist program, mentoring counselors-in-training as they assist younger children in the Pathfinder camp series.
“It feels really special to be leading junior…

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Boy or girl? Get all the inspiration you need for an unforgettable gender reveal party.

Can't decide between renting, leasing, or buying floor cleaning equipment? You're not alone. In this simple blog, we list the different advantages to three different payment plans. Read more to see what option is the best fit for your business!

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From the Director-General of WWF to representatives from Accenture and the Centre for Humanitarian Data, humanitarians have their say on what tech has done to further meaningful change.

Have you ever wondered if you should buy a rebuilt floor scrubber vs brand new? Read this article to get some reasons why rebuilt is a great option and what to consider.

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40 Young Adults Volunteer at SVDP Food Center - Boise, ID
On Wednesday, March 13th, 40 volunteers from Bronco Catholic Association (the Catholic student center at Boise State University) went up to the SVDP Southwest Idaho Council Food Center. This food center has the largest food pantry in Boise, serving over 1,300 families a month and also has a dining hall facility which serves well over 12,000 people a year. At this food center, the forty volunteers launched into an hour of fast…

These merkabah pendants (also known as Star of David Pendants) are formed of the highest sacred geometry form, the six-pointed merkabah. You have your option of many healing gemstones and crystals.

All ages invited to discover great outdoors through seasonal activities
Adventures await at Hickory Knolls and Primrose Farm this spring and summer with nature events and camps for all ages
Kick off the spring season by attending the Butterfly Ball from 6-7:30pm on Friday, May 3 at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center. Families will enjoy a DJ and dancing the night away after a pizza dinner and…

Move over D.C. Chicago now has its own cherry blossom season. The 160 trees planted in Jackson Park are finally ready this year for viewing.

Find out more about SOLIDWORKS Simulation now: Innova Systems is an authorised...

5 Years of Fair Trade at LT - We're Throwing a Party! 🎉

It is that time of year when all the tender love and care that we put into our garden is actualized into healthy producing plants. There are many ways to help our plants be and stay healthy, hearty, and vegetable producing. Crystals are one of those ways that you can help your garden.