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Tour our 80,000+ sq ft. UHP Lamp factory and distributions center located just minutes from the the US / Mexico border.

Sheriff’s detectives are investigating the theft of a wallet and subsequent use of credit cards in the wallet by a woman captured on surveillance video using the cards
The victim reported the theft of his wallet on March 13 th from the Marathon City Marina. He said he left the wallet in one of the shower stalls. And by the time he realized it, the wallet was gone. He had a total of 11 fraudulent charges on the card, all in the Marathon…

The power of the mind isn’t a joke. In fact, the world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos, has now disclosed the one thing he did that catapulted him to levels of incredible success. Bezos was interviewed at the ideas festival Summit LA17 event in Los Angeles, where he shed light on what it took for him …

Don’t let the holiday season derail your ambitions for healthy eating. Weight gained from bad eating habits can take nearly half a year to lose, according to research findings in the New England Journal of Medicine. Curbing your appetite with the guidance of diet and weight-loss programs work for some. But it can be overwhelming …

Hardscape Pool Design Ideas are a part of creating your outdoor living area. Contact Treasure Pools to see discuss what your options are.

Tint World® is all you need for boat window tinting, marine detailing, custom graphics, and anything else you might need on the high seas.

Most of us look forward to getting home as our workday winds down, and we may rush through our last few tasks in a hurry to wrap things up and hit the road. Not so fast: The end of the workday is actually the very best time to set yourself up for success and happiness …

A team of scientists is calling for better monitoring of indoor air pollution, highlighting the risk of "sick-building syndrome."

The Elements Way may sound like it’s about us, but it’s really about you. The Elements Way was created with one goal in mind: to give you, the client, the best and most personalized massage you have ever had.

Learn how massage helps Laurie stay active and relieve pain and stiffness from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Car window tinting and vehicle window tinting is both a functional and aesthetic way to customize your ride. Tint World® window tint can customize, protect, and privatize almost any vehicle.

Looking to build your dream swimming pool in 2019? Treasure Pools can make that a reality in just 90 days, depending on weather or permit delays. This year we see some of the same trends and some new ones. Here we discuss a few ideas whether you are looking to build a new pool or …

Come to Tint World® for all home window tinting. Home window tinting can privatize, decorate, and secure your home.

A Christmas Spectacular show performed by the Radio City Rockettes in New York has been enhanced with dynamic animated projections using 40TB of data and 100 dancing Intel drones.

Stocking up on water for an emergency is important. But, it can be challenging to store it if you live in a small space. Here are some tips to consider.

Compustar’s Remote Start is controlled via Radio Frequency (RF), which can be installed in your vehicle by Tint World®’s car alarm security installation team. Remote Start can allow you to preheat or cool the vehicle before even entering the vehicle. Once activated, by pushing a button on your keychain remote, it starts the vehicle automatically for a pre-determined time
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