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During our INTERACTIVE classes, we discuss our most valuable and popular software solutions for auto recyclers. We'll introduce you to a wealth of new ideas for your business!

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Photos by: Professor Hines ---

Photos by: Professor Hines ---

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Should you go back to school? We've got 8 questions to ask yourself.

Learn how to change text or font size, bigger or smaller, on your computer screen and several other devices.

Choosing learning methods that match your learning style can make learning easier, but there are good reasons for trying new learning styles.

BMW, Bosch, and Swedish utility Vattenfall will collaborate on a project to use electric-car batteries for energy storage.

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Toronto, Ontario -- October 22, 2014 -- Examining different process, methods, and goals can provide insight into how you run your own business. For Lorne Denneus, this was part of his motivation for attending the most recent meeting of the International Roundtable on Auto Recycling (IRT) in Kushiro, Japan. The IRT brings together leading international automotive recycler associations, industry officials, guest speakers, and local auto recyclers to discuss the global auto recycling industry.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana -- September 17, 2014 -- Louisiana Attorney General James D. Buddy Caldwell filed a lawsuit in August charging that State Farm is illegally forcing collision repair facilities in that state to install unsafe parts on vehicles that endanger consumers
State Farm has created a culture of unsafe business practices in which consumer vehicle repairs are performed with cost-savings as the primary goal, rather…

It started with a dream. A vision for a place where artists could come together and create fantastical works of art. That dream became a reality for Reno-based artist, Chad Sorg, who wanted to create a "car forest" at the End of the World. The International Car Forest of the Last Church is the manifestation of that dream. It's a hallowed earthen automobile graveyard, with over 40 graffittied cars, trucks and buses. The installation was the brainchild of collaborators, Sorg and Michael "Mark"…