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Hundreds of supporters praise Angelo's pizza for helping find lost pets. Missing posters are topped on pizza boxes and sent out free of charge.

The DHS is warning U.S. citizens to be mindful of what they see online, especially heated arguments, because they could be engineered by hostile foreign agents sowing discord. As an example, the government agency cited the controversial pineapple topping on pizza. This is a wise choice because the topping has a history of controversy from [...]Read More...

Last week, Jadakiss was pulled into the public’s spotlight when Cuts & Slices posted his all-crust order from a year ago in response to the Villa Italian Kitchen’s “Just the Crust” menu addition. View this post on Instagram Special request for @therealkiss ❗️ Who else like Crust only? 👀 A post shared by Cuts & [...]Read More...