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SAS partnering with NVIDIA to help businesses bring artificial intelligence (AI) into their organizations.

The Internet of Things (IoT) extends digital customer experience to physical customer experience and customer journeys for ultimate brand distinction. This TDWI Checklist Report, sponsored by SAS, outlines six best practices for data professionals and practitioners when using IoT to improve customer experience (CX).

Today more than ever, people across the country are growing their own fruit. There are many reasons for this, and we applaud the effort!
Nature Hills growers deliver backyard orchards with commercial orchard-grade, vigorous fruit trees and bushes. Our fruit trees produce fruit for cooking, baking

SAS announces a $1 Billion investment in AI to drive the future of analytics through software innovation, education, expert services and more.

Nationwide, which banks 15 million UK customers, has enlisted AI from SAS to analyze customer interactions more effectively and resolve issues earlier

Healthy eyes are critical to your child’s development and success in school. Here are 15 warning signs that your child might have a vision problem.

Talent development professionals need to broaden their view of music and think of it as a core information processing skill, rather than an aesthetic “nice to have” pastime.

Can artificial intelligence protect endangered species from extinction? The answer may lie in their footprints. WildTrack researchers are exploring the possibilities of using AI to augment the process of animal tracking used by indigenous tribes and redefine what conservation efforts look like in the future.

Epipoli uses SAS artificial intelligence and customer intelligence solutions to craft relevant, real-time offers for customers.

The Special Olympics is part of the inclusion movement for people with intellectual disabilities.

Great article featuring our friend Doug Frost, who holds both titles as Master Sommelier (MS) and Master of Wine (MW). Why Your Red Wine Tastes Green A new generation of wine lovers are trading b…

Brett Wujek, Senior Data Scientist at SAS, discusses the differences between the two main categories of machine learning. It all depends on your data. SUBSCR...

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Face recognition” is a biometric system. The system is usually a pipeline of 4 stages: detect, align, represent, and classify. The focus of this video is how...

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an ever-increasing role in enterprise solutions.

I was recently honored to share the stage with government and medical leaders to discuss ways to impact the nation’s opioid epidemic.

Ticket Express is your best source for College Baseball World Series tickets, Nebraska Cornhusker Football tickets, and nationwide concert, sports, and entertainment events.

Riley Morrison, 9, wrote Curry a letter in November asking why his Curry 5 shoes were not available for girls.

As of December 2018, any customer with a valid SAS Viya order is able to package and deploy their SAS Viya software in Docker containers.

Ticket Express is your best source for College Baseball World Series tickets, Nebraska Cornhusker Football tickets, and nationwide concert, sports, and entertainment events.

A previous article shows how to use a scatter plot to visualize the average SAT scores for all high schools in North Carolina.

Buy forsythia bushes at Nature Hills, America's largest online nursery. Shop now for dwarf, gold tide, sunrise forsythia plants and more for your home and garden.

It’s time for your annual performance review. You’ve had a great year. Accomplished your goals. Taken on extra assignments. But when your manager shares the amount of your annual pay increase … well, you’re less than excited. This scenario happens frequently. Many organizations have budget constraints that don’t permit them to give employees as much …

Your eye doctor will help you obtain the right eye drops and contact solution for your eyes. Here are some of the brands our member practices offer.

If you’re like many college graduates, you’re managing a boatload of student loan debt. U.S. borrowers are now carrying an estimated $1.5 trillion in education loans. That can make it difficult to achieve other financial goals, such as building emergency savings and contributing to a retirement account. “Many people face the challenge of balancing student …