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The holidays are over, and now you may be feeling the after-effects– including the distressing awareness that you need to get back in shape. Not to worry.

In this Webinar, attendees will hear from Michael Johnson, Managing Director of Behavioral Health at CARF International, and Julia Finken, Executive Director of Behavioral Healthcare at the Joint Commission as they provide information about accreditation, and their respective organization. This will be the first webinar in a three part series focused on accreditation, and supporting NAATP Members as they select an accrediting organization to work with…

From going gluten-free to the benefits of blue light glasses, these are the top health-related myths that were busted in 2018.

How do you know whether your sneezing is caused by an allergy? Learn about this symptom through ACAAI.

The Legendary KATT Radio Blood Drive! - Save lives! Give Blood!
It's the 34th annual KATT Blood Drive with our partners at the Oklahoma Blood Institute!
Donors receive a collectors' edition KATT Annual Blood Drive T-shirt!
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- The government shutdown has affected contracts and the employees who fulfill them.

No holiday challenges those recovering from addiction quite like New Year’s Eve. In this article, we’ll give you nine tips for a safe and sober new year.

Sunbeam Family Services provides help, hope, and the opportunity to succeed through Early Childhood, Foster Care, Counseling and Senior Services. This holida...

Disability Income Insurance can help protect your future finances in case of a sudden covered injury or illness by providing a benefit to help cover expenses while you’re unable to work. Learn more about disability insurance from these frequently asked questions and additional resources.

December holidays present wonderful opportunities for family gatherings of all kinds. That said, they can also be somewhat stressful, especially for those hoping to hand out the perfect present. If you’re one of the many people out there still searching for a great gift to give to that special someone, you may want to consider one of the following ideas – especially if your loved one is a health or fitness enthusiast! Buy them a meal prep delivery subscription.

By EDITORIAL BOARDProtest near future site of Amazon Headquarters in Long Island City. Photo by Walter KarlingGrab the popcorn.The race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination is getting under

Critical illness insurance is designed to pay a lump-sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with one of the life-altering illnesses covered in your policy. Learn more about critical illness insurance from these frequently asked questions and additional resources.

Worried about the holiday season? Feeling pressure to make everything perfect? See these tips to prevent, reduce & cope with stress during Christmas!

Cultivating healthy habits is the cornerstone of the Save Institute’s proven approach to reversing osteoporosis and improving your overall health. Weight

What do you think about your drinking habits and how they may be affecting your health? Rethinking Drinking can help you get started.

Men's Hormones
Could you have low Testosterone? Find out now!
Hormones control virtually all functions of the body including our reproductive, immune and metabolic systems. As a result, hormones control our physical

A survey found women of color are not only significantly underrepresented, they are also far less likely than others to be promoted.