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In an effort to make life easy and to avoid confusion with schedules, the studio has an online scheduling process available to clients 24/7. Because our lives get busy and schedules change frequently, please use the online scheduler or download the free StudioBookings app and easily manage your appointments
Classes can be booked out 60 days in advance
All registration requires prepayment.
Please note there is…

Allocation of parental responsibilities can allow for co-parenting of a child. Call a Schaumburg family law attorney at 847-995-9999. Free consultation.

When you schedule a Haircut with Betty, we will extend you a $20 Spa credit, good towards any Facial or Massage service.Betty's Schedule:Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-730pm (Starting 7/23/19)Saturday 930am-330pm

In case you missed the email last week, our Am Yisrael Family Retreat will be held Fri Nov 1, 2019 beginning at 6:00 p.m. until Sun Nov 3, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at the Daniel M. Soref Education and Retreat Center in Fredonia, WI, just north of Milwaukee. At our family retreats we learn, pray and sing, offer the opportunity of our unique Intergenerational Torah chanting/reading, celebrate Shabbat, play, schmooze, laugh and perform mitzvah projects in a very relaxed and enjoyable environment. In…

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Let Them Come Steve Gillen | July 13 & 14 Pushed the fringes, kept out of sight, sent to the back of the line. That’s how Jesus’ followers treated the children when they came to see Jesus. After all, Jesus was too busy, too important, too distracted to make time for the little ones. But Jesus said, “Let them come.” He welcomed them, he listened to them, he looked them in the eyes, and there he saw the glimmer of the kingdom he’d…

It is important to avoid making financial mistakes during your divorce. Call a Rolling Meadows divorce attorney at 847-995-9999 for a free consultation.

In an uncontested divorce, a couple may be able to obtain a joint simplified dissolution. Call an Oak Forest divorce lawyer at 708-226-9904. Free consult.

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Dear Am Yisrael Community
Our Am Yisrael Family Retreat will be held at the Daniel M. Soref Education and Retreat Center in Fredonia, WI, just north of Milwaukee. Those families who have attended any or all of our five family retreats over the past seven years can attest to the ruach (spirit), community-building and fun that these family retreats offer. At our family retreats we learn, pray and sing, chant Torah, celebrate Shabbat, play, schmooze, laugh and perform mitzvah projects in a very…

If your ex-spouse is refusing to pay spousal support, contact a Wheaton family law attorney. Call 630-653-9400 for a free consult with a member of our team.

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Flip-flops? Check. Fireworks? Check. Frizz? Not a chance! Get sleek, smooth, easy-to-style hair just in time for the Fourth of July, so you can focus on the important things—like having fun.Our Independence Day Special:SAVE ON OUR SMOOTHING TREATMENTS!SMO

Shalom Am Yisrael Community
You can now access our SJS & Youth Groups Calendar for the 2019-2020 (5780) year in the second link under the word "LEARN" on our website, or simply by clicking on this link: www.amyisrael.org/sjs-calendar.html .
If you would like to be able to access an electronic version of the SJS & Youth Groups Calendar so that you don't need to manually enter the pertinent dates, please send me an email: csherman@amyisrael.org .
Please note that if you were one…

Parents wishing to relocate with a child must get permission from the courts. Call an Orland Park family law lawyer at 708-226-9904 for a free consultation.

If you are getting divorced, the division of property can be a complicated process. Call a Schaumburg asset division attorney at 847-995-9999. Free consult.

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A Great Gardener Megan Marshman | June 29 & 30 As the summer heats up, the fruit begins to grow; that’s what plants are made to do, right? But compare apples to apples and you’ll often find a big difference. Great fruit is the product of a great garden. A great garden is most often made by a great gardener. John 15 reminds us that the same is true for the fruit we hope to produce in our own lives.

The species of mosquitoes that are best able to transmit the virus, Aedes aegypti, have not been not found in the area the NSMAD serves
A small population of a potential secondary vector Aedes albopictus, has recently been found in a limited area of the District
The risk of contracting Zika virus from the bite of a mosquito witihin the area served by the NSMAD remains extremely low
People traveling to countries where it is present are the most susceptible
Illinois Department of…

A gift to one spouse might not be considered part of the marital estate in a divorce. Call a Wheaton divorce lawyer at 630-653-9400. Free consultation.

New enhancements driving increased participant engagement and fundraising success June 25, 2019 — INDIANAPOLIS – OneCause, a leader in mobile and social fundraising, continues its growth and investment in peer-to-peer fundraising with its latest round of enhancements to the OneCause Peer-to-Peer solution. Last year, OneCause expanded into peer-to-peer fundraising with the acquisition of Austin-based Great...

If you are going through a divorce with an adult child, you need legal advice. Call a Palatine divorce attorney at 847-995-9999 for a free consultation.

Services traditionally managed in house by colleges and universities are increasingly being outsourced to companies through strategic partnerships.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement to plan for your future, contact an Orland Park family law attorney at 708-226-9904 for a free consultation.

Four Little Words Steve Gillen | June 22 & 22 Four words... four little words with profound meaning tell the story of who God is, who we are, and what is possible. Those words are: love, sin, justice, and rescue. Love is who God is. Sin is the mess we’ve made. Justice is what’s necessary. And rescue is what God offers. But beyond those four words, God has given us two ways—communion and baptism—that help us remember and celebrate the sacrifice and promise…

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It took a while to scour the internet but I finally came up with my favorite videos and articles. I personally read each of these blog articles and watched every one of these videos. I've focused on choosing resources that use specific examples, rather than vague general discussions. I wanted to show off authors who took the discussion of the new FileMaker 18 to the next level and applied them in real-life scenarios. However, I will start off with some web sites that…