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It's 1969, the year of Woodstock, numerous massive anti-war protests, multiple plane hijackings and growing pushback against repressive gender norms.

The city-owned food hall relocates into massive new development Essex Crossing

ATHENS – The Armenian Community of Greece commemorated the 104th anniversary of the Armenian genocide with a protest march in the centre of Athens on …

The former second lady is back in the spotlight as Joe announces his 2020 presidential run.

Aaliyah Baker and Fatima Zehra Cassiem, both aged 10, came to South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa with a demand: they wanted cleaner toilets at their school. He promised to phone the school to remedy the problem—a telling action in a country where students have drowned in school pit latrines.

Camilla, Georgia – Eighteen hundred poultry workers at the Equity / Tyson plant in Camilla, Georgia have ratified a new contract. These are members of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU)
According to the union, the contract was approved by 97 percent of the members at the plant and set a new standard for poultry workers in the South. Its provisions include a large reduction in health care costs to members; annual general wage increases over the three-year term of the…

This article is brought to you thanks to the collaboration of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum. Author: Davide Puglielli, Senior Manager, Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions, Enel…

Jackie Sibblies Drury, Jeremy O. Harris, Antoinette Nwandu and Jordan E. Cooper, on influences, gatekeepers and helping “the young black theater nerd find work that looks like them.”

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans on selecting firms via the best-value or low-price methods of procurement.

Google will hold one-on-one meetings with publishers across Europe and a group meeting with publishers in May to further explain the changes and address their concerns.

The 76-year-old centrist Democrat faces a crowded field, which includes the progressive Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Alpha Tower Home to Official F1® Game Development Team Codemasters® today opened the doors to its new state-of-the-art development studio in the heart of Birmingham, UK. The new office in the Grade II listed Alpha Tower, formerly the headquarters of regional television company ATV, is now home to the BAFTA award-winning F1® game development team which currently boasts 108 employees. The office space spans 14,000 square…

Bill Cosby claims that the judge that sentenced him had "racial hatred" towards him when he did not allow the $1 million in bail for his release to appeal his case.

NEW YORK (AP) — The 25th James Bond movie and Daniel Craig’s last one as 007 is heading home to Jamaica. Craig, Bond producers and …

ATHENS – Responding swiftly, the Russian Embassy in Greece tore into U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez’s security plans for America to work with Greece and Cyprus …

“I only hope you have the intelligence, long in doubt, to wage a successful primary campaign. It will be nasty — you will be dealing with people who truly have some very sick & demented ideas. But if you make it, I will see you at the Starting Gate!”

Why finding your body’s natural sleep cycle and circadian rhythms is the key to strength, vitality and wellness. Time to get your groove back.

This article is brought to you thanks to the collaboration of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum. Author: Amy Jordan, Delivery Lead, Centre for Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum The…

Sex is generally a taboo subject in most churches, but not at The Unity Center of New York City! Justin Epstein takes a candid look at how sexual energy and ...

About 70 countries around the world nudge their clocks back and forth each year -- but some people want to "spring forward" permanently, citing health and other benefits.

There is one question you need to ask any manager or yourself before you fire anyone. Do they know its coming?

The 21st century has seen remarkable healthcare breakthroughs. These advances are largely driven by the speed at which organizations can translate scientific discoveries to applications...

While CBS may have an average viewer median age of 60 on its linear TV network, the same shows on OTT platforms yield audiences in the mid-40s.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is shrinking back to the boring awards ceremony journalists claimed to prefer. They have one man to thank.

If you want a jaw-dropping shoreline without the sunburned tourists and splashing masses, head for one of these lesser-known gems.