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Even low bidders aren't entitled to perform work for Minneapolis Public Schools unless they agree to hire union workers.

ABLE Accounts are designed for individuals with disabilities to assist them in saving money and accumulating a savings account without jeopardizing their access to government benefits. Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts have been for a few years. Accounts holding up to $100,000 maintain eligibility for Supplemental Security Income, and Medicaid eligibility is never effected
The funding limits for ABLE accounts have remained consistent with…

Ortho received a CE mark for its new multitest platform that allows laboratories to run two in vitro diagnostic tests simultaneously on one slide.

A new report finds that 70% of firms struggle to meet project targets because of the shortage and that 40% have had to turn down work.

She escaped an abusive marriage. Now she faces eviction from her home
"It wasn’t the first time the 45-year-old woman’s husband had verbally abused her. But last September, he “spiraled out of control,” she said. In front of their children in their Northeast D.C. living room, he threatened to stab her to death.
The woman immediately called the police and soon obtained a civil protection order against her husband, who left the home. But a city-issued housing voucher was based on their joint…

Investors focused on the mining sector may not fully appreciate how quickly the electric vehicle (EV) is being adopted globally, in light of the world pursuing a low-carbon emissions future, says battery metals investment vehicle Cobalt 27 Capital chairperson and CEO Anthony Milewski, who warns of a potential deficit in the supply of the metals critical to achieving this future
Global management consultancy firm McKinsey &…

As depression and anxiety skyrocket, communities are scrambling to meet kids’ needs with limited resources. Here are six ways parents and schools can combine forces to tackle the spike in tween suicide.

LINXS will design and build the Los Angeles International Airport system for under $2 billion, while the remainder of the contract includes 25 years of operations and maintenance.

The ACC Triumvirate – Duke, North Carolina and Virgina – comprise the 2019 NCAA tournament's top tier ... but in what order? And which other contenders could break them up?

Temple University's mumps outbreak started just before spring break earlier this month. Why would there be an outbreak of an illness we've had a vaccine for since the 1960s?

Christos Ikonomou’s collection Good Will Come From the Sea is a dirge for the Greek economic crisis and the devastation it has wrought, a profound meditation on the nature of justice in an unjust world. On an unnamed island, struggling migrants and trapped locals endure the crushing weight of poverty in these four linked stories. …

By giving agile teams additional outside resources that easily scale, these three testing approaches keep developers moving quickly and able to adjust to the high demands of customers.

Vote for a Hero
The Change Maker Awards celebrate people and organizations that are creating real, meaningful change for children who struggle with mental health and learning disorders. From the professionals putting in long hours to the advocates bringing mental health awareness to the national stage, our honorees inspire us with their passion for changing the way we understand and treat our children
How to Vote…

Can weighted blankets help kids with ADHD? Find out what to look for in a weighted blanket for your child.

It last sold for $3,525 on May 9th, 2016 at Park.io
The domain WeSit.com sold for $653 at NameJet for a decrease of 59%.
It last sold for $1,600 on November 11th, 2012 at Afternic.
The domain SportsCarRacing.com sold for $282 at GoDaddy for a decrease of 77%.
It last sold for $1,230 on March 20th, 2010 at NameJet.
The domain ChampionAutomotive.com sold for $1,211 at DropCatch for a decrease of 83%.
It last sold for $7,000 on February 8th, 2015 at Uniregistry.…

Most of us were raised to believe that the genes we were born with are our destiny, and that the diseases that “run in the family” are most likely coming for us too. I myself have wrestled with this demon, as I have a strong family history of heart disease and I, now in my 60s, have many of the markers indicating that I should have heart disease as well.

It doesn't seem like the killing is related to the mob—it was possibly related to the suspect wanting to date the crime family boss's niece.

A ‘gender dysphoria’ diagnosis means transgender troops can carry on serving after President Trump’s ban is enforced. But not all trans troops can see the right medics in time.

Your daily source of all things sausage related. Happily provided to you by New York City's oldest sausage manufacturer; Esposito's Finest Quality Sausage Products by Esposito Sausage

Opponents of charter schools make a host of bogus arguments, when the truth is the exact opposite. They claim that these alternative public schools cherry-pick their students, don’t serve English-l…

WASHINGTON (AP) — Beto O'Rourke's Democratic presidential campaign says he raised more than $6 million online during the first 24 hours after he announced his White House bid last week.

Imagine if the Museum of Ice Cream actually served up social change instead of just social media moments. That is the idea behind ‘That Lady Thing’ which had its second showing at the r…

For students, spring break is a beautiful escape from the seemingly endless cycle of midterms.

A straight-talking, fun read with a serious point: in an age of greater transparency and accountability the age of creative egomaniac is over.

We will be accepting applications beginning Feb 1, 2019
The Writers Lab is a four-day script development workshop that gives women screenwriters over 40 the opportunity to work intensively on their feature film scripts with the support of established writers, directors, and producers. The retreat takes place near NYC, but in the countryside: beautiful and private locations that minimize distractions and promote creativity and confidence. Through…

After many years of dominating the category, changing consumer preferences and me-too offerings put a dent in Russell Stover’s sales. They called on brand strategy firm, Retail Voodoo, to help reve…

This article is brought to you thanks to the collaboration of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum. Author: Kitty Van Der Heijden, European Director, World Resources Institute & Cal…

The beloved novel, cowritten by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, is coming to the small screen this May.

With momentum building for a pied-à-terre tax in the upcoming state budget, the city’s residential brokerage chiefs are warning that the fee on second

aNigeria is a new customer for Paramount Group’s Marauder armoured vehicle, with the type having being delivered a few weeks ago. News of the type in Nigerian service came after a photo surfaced online showing three Nigerian soldiers with a single Marauder in the background. A subsequent photo showed two Marauders with personnel at an …

Urmila Mahadev became obsessed with a basic question in quantum computing: how do you know when the computer is cheating?

New York recreational marijuana debate raises questions about potency, testing oversight being addressed in other states pushing to improve safety