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Renowned melanoma physician-researcher recognized for his research in cancer genomics and immunotherapy

PD-L1 IHC 22C3 pharmDx Can Now Be Used to Identify a Broader Range of NSCLC Patients for First-line Treatment With KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab)

Increased capabilities for food testing, environmental screening, and metabolomics research with new systems and software workflows

New Port Richey, FL Pediatrician & family doctor, A to Z Pediatrics specializes in pediatric medicine for a child's physical, emotional and developmental health. Children's Healthcare for family and kid health in the New Port Richey area. Call 727-375-5242 for an appointment today!

“What is written about Me is coming to fulfillment,” Jesus says in today’s Gospel (see Luke 22:37 )
Indeed, we have reached the climax of the liturgical year, the highest peak of salvation history, when all that has been anticipated and promised is to be fulfilled.
By the close of today’s long Gospel, the work of our redemption will have been accomplished, the new covenant will be written in the blood of His broken body hanging on the cross at the place called…

A Florida man who reportedly purchased an island for $8 million one week ago has been charged with allegedly stealing from a Kmart, police say.

The Liturgy this Lent has shown us the God of the Exodus. He is a mighty and gracious God, Who out of faithfulness to His covenant has done “great things” for His people, as today’s Psalm puts it
But the “things of long ago,” Isaiah tells us in today’s First Reading, are nothing compared to the “something new” that He will do in the future.
Today’s First Reading and Psalm look back to the marvelous deeds of the Exodus. Both see in the…

From science laboratories to industrial factories, the need to heighten efficiency with continued growth is universal. While every working laboratory is different, there are a few collective strate...

In a blistering condemnation of the dismissal of all 16 felony charges against "Empire" star Jussie Smollett, the Illinois Prosecutors Bar Association (IPBA) has accused State's Attorney Kim Foxx and her office of having "fundamentally misled" the public about the circumstances surrounding the di

How can you make the most out of your internship experience? We talked to career experts and professionals who supervise interns, plus successful former interns themselves, to get the scoop for you.

This starts with the ability to offer choices
Fact based criteria based on objective lab tested & real world performance characteristics
Eastman Chemical Vista Film, Huper Optik are not re-boxed private label films.
If you reside in a deed restricted community you would be looking for a non-reflective ceramic film.
Imagine having a window film installed on your prestige home that can’t earn these rebates?

This type of glass has very negative outcomes
Glare: The glare on your TV or laptop screens can be extremely aggravating. Solar control window films will stop glare at the glass. How dark or light is determined by the choice of coating you select.
High AC cooling costs. Maybe you’ve noticed that ever increasing electric bill?We have assisted clients who get a $600 monthly electric bill! The major culprit is heat gain and the fastest solution with the best ROI is window film!…

Even homes that are priced the same and are in the same neighborhood can have vastly different monthly payments depending on factors that we’re about to share with you.

In today’s First Reading, God forgives “the reproach” of the generations who grumbled against Him after the Exodus. On the threshold of the promised land, Israel can with a clean heart celebrate the Passover, the feast of God’s firstborn son (see Joshua 5:6–7 ; Exodus 4:22 ; 12:12–13 )
Reconciliation is also at the heart of the story Jesus tells in today’s Gospel. The story of the Prodigal Son is the story of Israel and of the human race. But it is also…

Imagine lowering that afternoon temperature in those west facing rooms by 10 degrees
Imagine lowering your monthly electric bill by 30%
Imagine factoring out 99.9% of the harmful UV that fades your fine fabrics, wood floors, etc
Advanced Film Solutions is practical, affordable and simply the best possible energy savings retrofit you can undertake for your home energy program.
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Earn a real-world education in medical assisting when you receive Medical Assisting Diploma from Rasmussen College.

News of a toxic toad infestation in South Florida should also be a reminder for Bay Area pet owners to beware what could be lurking in your backyard.

Building Managers have a keen awareness of methods to reduce energy consumption particularly in the harsh economic climate these last several years
Property managers recognize that window film dramatically improves their bottom line by reducing the heat gain and improving tenant comfort and satisfaction
Which window film solution offers the best value?
Which window film provides the best return on investment over a 25 year life…

March 22 is World Water Day. The United Nations designated this day to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.
The science journal Nature shares some sobering global data:
Four billion people currently experience water scarcity at least one month of the year
By 2

Window Film has come a very long way since sun control films were originally manufactured
Today’s window film does not turn purple or bubble when installed by a professional company like Advanced Film Solutions
The old days of highly reflective tin foil looking window tinting is ancient history!
With many choices out there, how should a Tampa, Orlando, or Sarasota consumer make an educated choice?

Here is an amazing triple mystery involving one-eyed sheep, Sonic hedgehog and cancer.
In the 1940s, sheep ranchers in southern Idaho faced a mystery: up to 25 percent of baby lambs were suddenly being born with major birth defects. Defects included underdeveloped brains and a single, central ey

Furniture starting to fade
Homeowners realize that curtains and blinds only go so far in reducing damage. UV continues to blast through your glass
The solution?
Our Window Films eliminating nearly 100% of the UV that will prematurely age your wood floors, furniture like leather upholstery and carpets.
The primary source of ultraviolet radiation is sunlight.
Window films provide UV filtering without blocking substantial visible light.…