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New research points to a potential way to prevent acute liver damage, or even treat it -- as well as a possible way to better monitor the health of patients who have suffered from it. It's based on the discovery that a protein involved in one of the liver's most basic functions also sounds the alarm when liver cells get hurt.

It's Spring in New Orleans, and you know what that means: Festivals, Festivals, Festivals! Here are 6 ways to keep you healthy and hydrated so you stay moving and grooving all day or all weekend long.

A cozy retreat tucked within the exquisite Monteleone Hotel, Aria transcends relaxation. The spa envelops you like the warmth of a summer evening in New Orleans. From the soft glow of candles to the infusion of fragrance, Aria transends you to a place of repose
Whether it’s your head or your toes or your entire body that needs soothing, our gifted staff will guide each guest…

Used as directed, medicines improve our lives. When misused or abused, the consequences can be devastating. Learn more about this epidemic.

Fox News' unethical role as Trump's media lapdog and cheerleader got it banned from hosting Democratic presidential debates.

At University Medical Center New Orleans, our physicians and staff are trained in the treating and caring for infectious diseases. Learn more about our team here.

There are obvious consequences of putting people who were born rich in charge of the government.

Fat cells in the human body have their own internal clocks and exhibit circadian rhythms affecting critical metabolic functions, new research in the journal Scientific Reports, finds
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Researchers led by Dr Jonathan Johnston from the University of Surrey conducted the first ever analysis of circadian rhythms in human fat taken from people isolated from daily environmental changes. Circadian rhythms are approximately 24-hour changes governed…

Google is launching a new effort Thursday to make it easier for people to dispose of opioids.

That jolt you get from caffeine-packed energy drinks could be more than you can handle.Recent studies indicate that energy drinks may make you five times more likely to have a stroke. And it doesn't take a lot of them.

The same Russian trolls who attempted to provoke racial tensions and influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election were also responsible for spreading propaganda against vaccinations.

Newly developed sensors visually illustrate how nicotine affects cells from the inside out.

Watch Trump's speech via the SOTU livestream, and follow along with the State of the Union fact check.

After two weeks of talking about the infamous no-call that likely cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl, many fans boycotted the game to attend a massive party downtown.

Spending time with people who are not preoccupied with their bodies can improve your own eating habits and body image, according to researchers from the University of Waterloo. In a new study, researchers examined how social interactions influence body image. They found that in addition to the previous findings that being around people preoccupied with their body image was

A new study published has discovered an association between poor sleep and plaque buildup in arteries throughout the body