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The stupendous restoration of the altarpiece, and the magnificent exhibition nearby, confirm Van Eyck as a painting colossus. Get yourself to Ghent!

Regulator’s pledge to boost university access in England ‘may discriminate based on class’

The Observer’s political editor has reported on Britain’s place in the EU for more than 30 years. Here he charts the key moments in a stormy relationship and the missed chances to save it from destruction

For pioneering the development of a lithium battery that makes lawn care more convenient and environmentally responsible, Chervon’s EGO has been named The Home Depot’s 2019 Environmental Partner of the Year
The 56V ARC Lithium battery replaces heavy carbon-emitting combustible engines and is used across the EGO line of cordless outdoor power equipment. This includes blowers, mowers, chain saws, and hedge trimmers. EGO also helps prevent…