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What happens immediately after you receive a DUI? Here are 10 things that can happen right after you receive a driving under the influence charge.

Doing a cartwheel during a sobriety test might seem like a brilliant way of proving that you're sober - unless you're not.

Minnesota drunk drivers may hit the roads after teams hit the field for Super Bowl 52. To prevent that, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety has some advice for all Super Bowl fans.

Oklahoma drunk driving laws were just changed with the implementation of the Impaired Driver Elimination Act, but that's now been struck down by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Setting fitness goals is fantastic idea, particularly for someone who has not previously embraced the exercise lifestyle. But it's important that you first

If you’ve been struggling to find a way to fit regular exercise into your unpredictable, self-employed schedule, here are a few tips for the new year.

If you've been arrested for felony DUI and are wondering what's on the road ahead of you, here's just one example of a Texas prison sentence for the crime.

Everyone knows how dangerous drinking and driving is, and yet people still do it every day. Celebrities are no exception, even though when they are stopped

There's a new bill making it's way to the Governor in Colorado, but the state may also want to take a look at their ignition interlock law.

With little time and little money, you can add lots of charm all around the house. Here are 19 do-it-yourself projects to consider.

Kansas drunk driving laws require a first offender to install an ignition interlock, but a new law may ease up that restriction.

Ride sharing has been out of Austin since May 2016, and since that time drunk driving arrests have spiked to the point where it's becoming a growing concern

If you find yourself in any of the following quandaries, consider these seven creative uses for toothpaste.

There's no question that all offender ignition interlock laws work. If everyone who was supposed to install one in every state actually did, the number of

A Montana man has received five years in prison for a ninth drunk driving charge. That seems pretty lenient considering a Texas man received life for his.

A driver in Minnesota felt like she could explain her .33 BAC and DWI charge by telling officers she was upset over the Presidential election results.

So before you curl up on the couch this afternoon, consider whether your quick nap might backfire when you lie down in bed tonight.

The MATIA project is loaded with sensors to assist the blind and people who suffer from memory loss. It consists of two cameras, two ultrasonic sensors and ten other sensors. MATIA will describe en…

Drunk driving campaigns in Illinois are nothing new, but the Illinois DOT is using some out-of-the-box thinking to connect with younger drunk drivers.

Internet companies are bracing for more trouble after hackers released the code behind one of the most powerful online attacks ever, which harnessed as many as one million internet-connected devices to knock a blogger offline.

When you come in for an ignition interlock monitoring appointment you'll receive a visual inspection and a data download of all events.

There's no denying that alcohol affects women differently than men. Because of hormones, enzymes, and body fat, women can feel the effects faster.