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Travel and Leisure recently released a ranking of the happiest and healthiest beach towns in America, based on a survey of over 337,000 people across the country on their overall life satisfaction. Below, we're highlighting the top-ranked beach town in the United States in terms of health and well-being, according to this study. Read on...

What happens immediately after you receive a DUI? Here are 10 things that can happen right after you receive a driving under the influence charge.

Doing a cartwheel during a sobriety test might seem like a brilliant way of proving that you're sober - unless you're not.

Minnesota drunk drivers may hit the roads after teams hit the field for Super Bowl 52. To prevent that, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety has some advice for all Super Bowl fans.

Oklahoma drunk driving laws were just changed with the implementation of the Impaired Driver Elimination Act, but that's now been struck down by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Setting fitness goals is fantastic idea, particularly for someone who has not previously embraced the exercise lifestyle. But it's important that you first

Family health information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Scorched another pot? Don't throw it away. With a little effort and some ingredients from your pantry, you can return that burnt pot or pan back to its former glory.

If you’ve been struggling to find a way to fit regular exercise into your unpredictable, self-employed schedule, here are a few tips for the new year.

Declutter your closet with these clothes organization tips from Merry Maids housekeepers, including seasonal rotating and purging.

Lemons smell fresh and are great for flavoring food, but did you know they're also great at cleaning? Learn how to get your bathroom and kitchen clean with lemons!

This month a major milestone was achieved as the GSMA Intelligence ticker flipped past 5 billion unique mobile subscribers. The milestone means that two-thirds of the global population is now connected to a mobile service – a tremendous achievement for …

The human condition pretty much guarantees that IT security education will fail to protect the enterprise, CTO Niel Nickolaisen said.

Level 3 European Data Centers offer high-density power, redundancy, security and scalability in nine countries and key business centers. Directly connected to Level 3’s award-winning, global fiber network and deep metro network footprint, benefit from low latency, high availability data and voice solutions.

When people come to us for care, we often hear families share their experiences about in home care services where the caregiver wasn’t the right fit for their loved one. It can be difficult finding an in home caregiver that can match your loved one’s needs, and being dissatisfied with care can impact their health …

If you've been arrested for felony DUI and are wondering what's on the road ahead of you, here's just one example of a Texas prison sentence for the crime.

Did you know your car’s interior can reach a temperature as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot, sunny day? It’s probably no surprise that this amount

Everyone knows how dangerous drinking and driving is, and yet people still do it every day. Celebrities are no exception, even though when they are stopped

At the end of an amazing weekend, it’s natural to start feeling a little blue about heading back to work or school the next day. Whether you need to a quic