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With the Trump administration shelving Obama-era climate plans and embracing the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, efforts to cut carbon emissions are now pushed almost entirely at the state level, especially in statehouses controlled by Democrats.

Too often, customers learn about new charges the hard way, when they appear on a bill.

A multi-day wildfire in western Greenland is part of a sharp uptick in Arctic blazes, according to scientists, raising concerns about the ramifications of climate change in the Far North.

The spike in public backing for impeaching Trump could cause headaches for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Conservatives argue for devolving power to the local level. That is, they do so until places try to implement ideas they don't like, such as raising the local wage floor.

If the administration shuts down refugee admissions, it would give Trump a powerful talking point as he makes immigration restrictions a centerpiece of his reelection campaign.

Cirtronics, a leading robotics contract manufacturer located in the Greater Boston Area, hosted a panel at the Robotics Summit and Expo in Boston, MA on June 5, entitled: Transitioning Robots from...