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Just as there are many tasks in eDiscovery, many times there are multiple technologies and platforms involved in the complete eDiscovery process. When there are multiple technologies and platforms involved, data transfer should be considered as an eDiscovery risk factor

A somewhat soggy lamb will bid goodbye to 2019’s March leonine winter weather.

MISSOULA — The Montana softball team looked like it could potentially pull out a walk-off win for the third game in a row on Saturday.

The U.S. Forest Service has increasingly put roads into inventoried roadless areas in Montana and Idaho, according to conservation groups who argue the practice threatens wildlife and rare habitat.

Cybersecurity is of prime importance for any healthcare firm; cyberattacks and data breaches in the healthcare sector are always on the rise, Read More...

Today, we released versions 4.11 and 3.28 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.  At 4.11, we added an Editor widget, a new GeoJSONLayer, made some

The Commission prevailed in the Supreme Court this week for the first time in years. The High Court concluded that the agency can charge as a primary violation of Section 10(b) any conduct that falls within the language of the section, even if it is a false statement of a person who did not control its distribution. The ruling also expands the reach of plaintiffs in securities class actions
This week the agency brought three actions against investment advisers. One involved misappropriation, a…

Current tourism growth rates are unsustainable environmentally, and possibly economically and socially too. But shifting our travel mindset from being a consumer to a steward could help mitigate the industry's impact.

More than 70% of the jobs deemed most vulnerable to the robot revolution are held by women, according to a British survey.

One of the hardest aspects of building a successful career is determining what skills may be important to employers in the future. The skills that companies say they are seeking the most in 2019? Soft skills.

Whether as a perk or a way to accommodate employee desires to work remotely,company-issued mobile phones and laptops are becoming increasingly commonplace.These are often provided at considerable cost to a business—£270 per employee per month,

"What is often lost in news coverage of Saudi Arabia, I find, is that Saudi women are much more than mere victims."

BigCommerce for B2B bolsters the ecommerce platform’s B2B capabilities through applications from industry-leading partners Apruve, Brightpearl, Bundle B2B, Nextopia, PunchOut2Go and ShipperHQ

The Commission prevailed in the Supreme Court for the first time in years. In doing so the agency achieved one of its long sought goals which should aid its enforcement program. The victory should also assist plaintiffs in securities class actions. Lorenzo v. Securities and Exchange Commission, No. 17-1077 (March 27, 2019)
The facts in the action were largely undisputed. Francis Lorenzo was the director…

Are you a trademark owner with an infringer to sue but you do not have U.S. registration? Do you need a U.S. registration to record with U.S. Customs to have counterfeit shipments seized? If so, yo…

Can an adjustment to the name and logo of vacation rental company Vrbo help the company’s results? Tom White, D.A. Davidson institutional research analyst covering Vrbo, weighs in on the change in “Vrbo Changes Its Name to Match How Peopl

Although the headlines might have died now, a number of interesting trials are still ongoing.

GCS, a Geospatial Information Technology Services Company, Missoula, Montana, is pleased to attend SuiteWorld, April 1-4, 2019 Las Vegas. Oracle NetSuite SuiteWorld, the industry’s #1 Cloud ERP eve…

One of the hottest IPOs is coming this week: Lyft. Tom White of D.A. Davidson breaks down what to expect.