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A new report cites massive failures by state agencies in the rollout of the $100 million MNLARS program.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May sought an extension from Parliament earlier this week to negotiate her unpopular Brexit deal with the European Union, Vox reports. Parliament gave her a response earlier Thursday, a resounding “no” vote, turning back the request with a 303-258 tally and making passage of the divorce that much harder, the report said. Although the loss is non-binding, it doesn’t change anything for all practical means, Vox said. Right now, the vote undercuts May’s argument to the

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P.J. Fleck said if there are going to be higher expectations on the outside - some publications suggest the Gophers could win the Big Ten West - the team will have higher expectations internally as well.

Today, millions of Americans will celebrate romance with chocolates, flowers, and other offerings of love. How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

The Trump administration's policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico while their cases wind through immigration courts violates U.S. law by putting the migrants in danger and depriving them of the ability to prepare their cases, a lawsuit filed Thursday by civil liberties groups claims.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you adapt to New Dawn's particular quirks and changes.

"Dating as a straight woman is complicated by the fact that the gender you're attracted to has vast systemic power over you."

WASHINGTON—Explaining to the House Foreign Affairs Committee that it was a totally acceptable practice at the time, Elliott Abrams defended Wednesday the war crimes he committed in Latin America by pointing out that it was just something everyone was doing back in the ’80s. “You’ve got to understand that running roughshod over universally accepted notions of basic human rights was simply how things were done in…

“The New York State Senate has done tremendous damage,” said the governor in his statement. “They should be held accountable for this lost economic opportunity.”

The arrival of Potted Potter: The Unauthroized Harry Experience in Minnesota is just the thing you need to spice up your life after two weeks of Polar Vortices, blizzards, and black ice. If you’ve been cooped up with the kids home from school too many times for one month, let alone a year, it’s time to …

I just pledged to #goplay on a National Forest. I challenge you to take the pledge as well. #ItsAllYours

"We really prided ourselves on making Revry a safe space for authentic representation by queer creators."

A corporate attorney charged with monitoring the insider trading policy for a large publicly traded company clearly knows the practice is illegal. Indeed, at one point while administering the insider trading policy the attorney disseminated an email at his firm as part of the policy enforcement mechanism which stated in part: “Remember trading is not permitted, whether or not in an open trading window, if you…

An El Nino, which can alter weather worldwide, has formed but it's so weak and late that it shouldn't be a big deal, U.S. forecasters said.

Assistant Vice President and Director
Patrice H. Kunesh has extensive experience representing American Indian tribes throughout the country. Patrice, who is of Standing Rock Lakota descent, began her legal career at the Native American Rights Fund. She also was in-house counsel to the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe and served on the faculty at the University of South Dakota School of Law. Patrice recently served appointments as the…

A Dutch fertility doctor is believed to have fathered dozens of people by secretly using his own sperm instead of donors, but now a group of 22 of his potential children will have his DNA tested after a court supported their legal challenge on Thursday, according to The Guardian. Jan Karbaat, passed away in April 2017 aged 89, previously denied the accusations and refused to cooperate with any potential victims of his behavior, but a Dutch court said the DNA tests could move…

Authorities in Sherburne County have identified the two people found dead in their Big Lake home Tuesday morning.

No one needs a Valentine. What they need is love. The subway is one of the least friendly places in New York City. Each passenger is in their own little world. No one speaks, smiles or even makes eye contact. Nick Smatt, a graduate, working as a strategic planner in New York, came up with …