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The drink has long been known to interfere with some prescriptions, but the full list may surprise you.

Hug it out...or don't. Find out what your preference might indicate about you.

Your older child is gearing up for spring break. Make sure they stay safe. Spring break is around the corner. How can you keep your kid safe?Fight col...

Can there be too much of a good thing? What foods to look out for.

You've probably heard it can reduce your risk of heart disease. But research finds another surprising benefit.

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Measles, mumps, and rubella are serious diseases. Most children who get their MMR shots will not get these diseases and many more children would get them if we stopped vaccinating.

When a newborn comes home, parents know sleep goes out the window. But new research shows that sleep loss could plague Mom and Dad for up to six years.

New research shows doing this takes less than 15 minutes and may be the key.

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What you should know about the research and what symptoms to look out for.

Researchers find that this little tweak can increase consumption of healthy foods.

The main sign women look for is a missed period but there are other signs that you might want to take a test.

Tired? Constipated? A family medicine physician explains some of the subtle symptoms.

I challenge you, my friends and family, to do the same and help prevent and ease the suffering of children!

Heart disease is a killer. But there's a lot you can do to actively reduce your risk.

Too little sleep. Not enough exercise. Far too much "screen time." That is the unhealthy lifestyle of nearly all U.S. high school students, new research finds.

One study found the answer may not be what you think. What you should know.

Tired of back and neck pain leaving you in agony? This outpatient surgery may be the answer.