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Much of the coast is already covered in heaps of rotting seaweed, contributing to an economic and ecological crisis.

July 11 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Created & hosted by architect/designer Stephen Schwartz, who has been hosting family building workshops for 20 years worldwide. Both July & August AHA!’s, 25 families will participate in a 2-hour workshops to build substantial LEGO windmills in the gymnasium of Nativity Prep. They will then them on a map in the Northeast wind energy lease areas map to learn about wind energy and wind power. FREE to participants thanks to the support of Orsted &amp…

Vegetable-based and cultured meat alternatives safeguard animal rights and put far less pressure on the environment.

From differences in heart attack symptoms meaning women are misdiagnosed, to overprescription of sleeping pills, author Caroline Criado Perez reveals what inspired her to write a book about gender bias in data.

The standard hiring process routinely fails both candidates and employers. This is how to fix it.

The OECD’s Better Life Index finds the Nordic nation performs better than most other countries when it comes to looking after citizens’ well-being.

This summer, more people are outdoorsand taking in not just the sunshine but the summer signage as well. Learn how to increase your visibility this summer!

Also in this week's read: how to hijack the state and 6 charts on motherhood today.

ChimeNet provides premium, innovative fully managed IT solutions for wired and wireless networks including design, implementation and 24/7 IT support.

The Network as a Service market is poised to rise from $5 billion in 2018 to over $50 billion by 2025, according to a 2019 Global Market Insights report.

Cities from Beijing to Bangkok could find themselves submerged if climate change continues as predicted. The looming crisis is spurring them to feats of ingenuity.

There’s a literacy crisis in South Africa. But this marathon reader is hoping to solve it creatively.

London wants to support nature using similar principles to the world's national parks, promoting green space as vital to health, pleasure and conservation. Because nature is a “need to have”, not a “nice to have”, according to the National Park City Foundation.

As a result of human activity, one million species of animal and plant species could disappear in the next few decades - the most that have ever been at risk in human history.

Our April pick for the World Economic Forum Book Club was Beth Comstock's book, Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity and the Power of Change.

Smart grids offer the potential for cheaper electricity and lower emissions - but their very nature makes them susceptible to cyberattacks that could have devastating consequences. Here's how to prepare

The right workwear is critical to performing your job safely and effectively. Learn more about the most important factors when it comes to outdoor workwear.

CynergisTek's latest healthcare cybersecurity report found that vendors were behind 20 percent of healthcare data breaches in 2018, some of which were the largest seen to date.

The IT revolution changed the way people work. The advance of automation could call into question whether people will work at all. Not all people, however. Just some.

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Opening up positions of political power to women can lead to more effective and better implemented development policies.

It's how people choose to use new technologies that will decide how the production jobs of the future evolve.

India's Prime Minister Modi has promised to double farmers' income by 2022. Could exciting new technologies help them meet this target?

A new game has been developed that helps players learn sign language, using an AI teacher that gives them feedback.

New Zealand's Prime Minister was asked what she would say to world leaders who don't believe the climate crisis is real. This is how she responded.

A new report argues that the digital technology sector is probably the world’s most powerful influencer for accelerating effective climate action. Here's how it might work.

Sprint offers a wide variety of wireless accessibility services, including Sprint Vision® Store and Sprint Relay Store.

When you've spent time and effort in securing a spot at any trade show, it is only ideal to make the best effort in ensuring that your clients are attracted to your booth. For your

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Quito's new system of buses, trains and cable cars will connect priced-out Ecuadorians with their jobs in the city centre.

Andhra Pradesh's growth gains have been nothing short of astonishing. Now, thanks to a bold government vision, this manufacturing powerhouse is gunning for the SDGs.

No one likes it when their phones and other electronics go kaput, so these companies are operating in a very in-demand space.

Yacouba Sawadogo, a farmer from Burkino Faso, is using "zai" to return barren land to its greener former self.

The wild differences in rates of cancer across the world is a mystery – but a crack team of detectives is on the case.

Researchers have created a spinal implant to stimulate the electrical signals coming from the brain.

When your child goes off to college, will his accommodations from high school go with him? Find out what you need to know about disability services in college.

A decade after the collapse of the Lehman Brothers, are we sleep-walking towards a fresh crisis?

Among the best assistive tech for people with disabilities are a Microsoft feature that allows users to control their mouse pointer and keyboard with their eyes on-screen and a Google Glass app that helps children with autism learn social cues