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This is only the second time HHS has released these types of physical activity recommendations. The original set was issued in 2008

For a dessert that’s both decadent and healthy, try our avocado chocolate pudding recipe! It contains no added sugars and is filled with healthy fats. Try out this vegan chocolate pudding today.

Critical illness insurance is designed to pay a lump-sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with one of the life-altering illnesses covered in your policy. Learn more about critical illness insurance from these frequently asked questions and additional resources.

Worried about the holiday season? Feeling pressure to make everything perfect? See these tips to prevent, reduce & cope with stress during Christmas!

Hundreds of Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses. State Board Approved. Online Courses in Video, Live Webinar, Text and Audio Formats.

The Thanksgiving turkeys are not even in the oven yet, but Memphis has already had it's first dusting of snow and residents turned out by the thousands Saturday, Nov. 17, for the annual Whitehaven Christmas Parade and to welcome Santa as he choppered in from the North Pole to visit the Pink Palace and officially open the Enchanted Forest Festival of Trees.

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If you have frozen shoulder you will certainly wonder how you it got frozen, and if it’s frozen, will heat melt it and make it feel better? While your shoulder may be frozen, it certainly does not mean it’s just cold and needs melted for relief. Frozen should is a condition that involves pain andmore…

This is the time of year when babies start to come down with a virus that parents may mistake for the cold or flu, but it's actually something much more serious.

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When you get a cold or flu, it can seem easy to just reach for over-the-counter medications. Instead of heading to the drug store, learn 10 ways to naturally treat a cold.

Every 65 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer's, which means more and more people need to be know what's coming.

A Mid-South boy is battling a rare illness that's making national headlines. Local 24's Tish Clark met a 7-year-old boy from Kennett, Missouri who's getting rehab at Le Bonheur here in Memphis.

This competitive race is a family friendly event featuring a 3.1-mile course winding downhill through a scenic East Memphis neighborhood and Ridgeway Center. It is an excellent course whether you are a walker or a runner. The race begins at 9 a.m. and is followed by a post-race Boo Bash party at Marsh Headquarters with live entertainment, food and activities for kids of all ages. Awards are given to the top three winners in each category including age, gender and individual.

Toes in the sand, not a cloud in the sky, 75 degree water temps. Vacations are the perfect time to...

Ever heard of Porcupine Sliders? It sounds like something from the Outback. But actually, it was a creative recipe developed by a group of student chefs, through an event sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). While researching a school nutrition story recently, I ran across this great mini cookbook filled with nutritious recipes prepared by students across the country...