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As negotiators from around the world gathered in Poland to discuss how to lower carbon emissions, the Trump Administration unveiled two schemes promoting fossil fuels.

The PTTG company wants a toxic petrochemical plastic factory in Shadyside, Ohio, but before that can happen they need to apply for a water pollution permit. You can take action now to tell the Ohio EPA to protect water!

International climate talks in Poland continued their ignominious march toward being completely ineffective. We’ve seen coal decking the halls and petro states refusing to recognize sound science. And then came Monday when the U.S. played the role of global troll by hosting a pro-fossil fuel event with an audience largely made-up of protestors.

Striking Acero teachers and the charter network's executives still remain far apart on class-sizes and salary increases, leaders said Saturday.

Barely five months have passed since Missourians overwhelmingly voted down a union-busting right-to-work law. But that isn't stopping a Republican legislative effort, once again, to circumvent the will of the

Dominion says it is suspending construction along the entire 600-mile route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

You’ll find a poignant phrase painted on the wall at SOS: Empowered People. Thriving Communities. We wholeheartedly believe this mantra, and we strive to see it to fruition through each of our programs
But if you’ve come to camp, and you desire to seek justice in your own communities, you can come up against some barriers. The first is often knowing where to start. Don’t fret – we have some ideas that your youth group can use to create community and impact under-resourced…

Add Your Name: Support a Green New Deal that puts people to work, speeds the transition to clean energy, and supports healthy communities!

Recently, the AFL-CIO launched another tool to bring you the issues and stories that matter to working people. Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast, “State of the Unions,” where we talk to longtime UAW activist Brad Markell about the recent actions by General Motors. (901) 870-3506 Capital Construction Collierville reviews New Review A wonderful timely job as promised. installed and secure...

Live at the Garden is now in it's 18th music-filled year! Each year, the Memphis Botanic Garden is the setting behind the successful Live at the Garden concert.

The holiday season brings families and loved ones together for celebration. Whether hosting an event or traveling to someone’s home, the holidays take a lot of preparation. During the hustle and bustle, remember to make safety a priority to help ensure that nothing spoils the fun, and make your holiday a happy one. “As you …

Carbon dioxide – the greenhouse gas most responsible for global warming – has reached an all-time high in 2018, scientists announced Wednesday.

Utilities made plans to close twice as much coal capacity in 2018 as they did in 2017 as some are making plans to wean themselves off coal generation completely.

In a special episode, Julie and Tim discuss plant closures at General Motors with longtime autoworker Brad Markell.

Hurricane Michael struck the Florida Panhandle during its October landfall, and weeks later, it is still leaving its mark some 50 miles inland.

Kohler Co. workers on Sunday approved a labor contract that will largely erase much-disliked pay gaps between longstanding employees and newer hires.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer walks along a wall at the border between Mexico and the United States, as seen from San Diego on Nov. 25, 2018. (Greg Bull/AP)
Shutting down the U.S. government temporarily to stop the wall is the least leaders can do to prevent permanently shutting down an entire way of life. Sixty-five miles of the U.S.-Mexico border bisects the Tohono O’odham Nation , where I’ve lived my entire life, raised my children and co-founded Indivisible Tohono in…

Gov. Scott Walker was much less generous in 2010 about the lame-duck session overseen by the outgoing Democratic majorities in the Assembly and Senate.

Want to know how to get more involved in 2019? Join the call to find out! Don't miss this line up of exciting speakers!

We’ve seen two terrifying reports recently about how climate change is destroying the air, water, and land we all need to live, and that the window for us to fight it is closing fast.

Roughly four years ago, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) filed a federal application to build a 1,172 mile oil pipeline from North Dakota’s Bakken shale across the U.S. to Illinois at a projected cost of $3.8 billion.

Protect yourself and your family
An earthquake can be sudden and frightening. Once the tremor is over make sure you and your family are safe to move around
First check to be sure that no is injured. Start first aid for any injuries and/or get medical attention immediately, if necessary.
Be prepared for aftershocks, which are normal following an earthquake.
Stay away from beach areas because of the danger of tsunamis (large seismic sea waves) that can happen after, or as the result…

In a pilot project starting this week, robots deliver millions of “baby corals”