Business in Downtown - Memphis, TN

Penny Hardaway said he can see his team making progress with the AAC Tournament right around the corner.

After a fourth-quarter three-point barrage, James Wiseman discusses his latest progress on the recruiting trail

Alejandre Rosales is wanted for the May 2018 shooting deaths of Ricardo Mendieta and Antonio Villarreal.

Gary Martin, a 15-year veteran of Henry Pratt, was fired Friday. Three of the victims were killed in the meeting where officials gave him the bad news; two others were killed elsewhere in the warehouse.

Ballerina Misty Copeland sat down with Boys & Girls Clubs of America in June 2011 while participating in a PSA shoot with 20 other prestigious Boys & Girls C...

Gary Martin began a gun battle with police officers who arrived within minutes after frantic calls came from where he worked, according to authorities.

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Only shop the outside of the grocery store steer clear of the inside aisles (that is where they stock most of the processed foods)
Ditch the extra calorie drinks (soda, juice, bottled tea, lattes, energy drinks, sports drinks, ect...)
If you are going to have wine don't eat food with it. And if you do than only have green leafy veggies to counter the high acidity of the wine
Plan ahead and pack smart snacks for trips both long and short.
Eat food…

Classic Corvettes from 1953-2003 for sale - ProTeam: The World Famous Corvette Collection-Classic Chevrolet Dealer.

Rare is the wedding, Bar Mitzvah, office holiday party or Sweet 16 that does not at some point feature a rousing rendition of Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine's 'Conga.' Particularly for those of us in Generation X - for whom the pop music of the 1980s, in all its glorious forms, remains a source of unbridled nostalgic celebration - 'Conga' is such a staple that any gathering involving a dance floor just seems incomplete without it. As it turns out, the…

A caller said Miranda Lambert was in Nashville's Stoney River steakhouse with her mother and a man before the incident broke out; salads were dumped.