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Looking for extra support and guidance during strength training? Try this seated, beginner-friendly gym machine workout.

Sermon Powerpoint: www.bayrobertssda.org/pdf/sermon-notes/2019-06-01_But-First.pdf Recorded live at the Bay Roberts Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ba...

Why It's Time for Fitness Facilities to Invest in Digital Technology
You’ve probably heard it by now
The world’s biggest taxi service doesn’t own a car. (Uber)
The world’s largest bookseller has less than 20 physical book stores. (Amazon)
The world’s largest lodging provider doesn’t own real estate. (Airbnb)
In the new digital era, our assumptions about what is essential to a specific business or industry…

This is Memorial Day weekend and the traditional beginning of summer. It is a time for backyard cookouts, swim parties, and Vespers at Camp Broadway
It is also a time to remember. In our 240-years-plus as a nation more than a million soldiers, sailors, and Marines have given their lives while serving their country. I have been honored to walk the sacred path alongside several Gold Star mother, fathers, wives, sons, and daughters who lost their beloved sons, husbands, and fathers in combat.…

Not motivated to work out? These fitness motivation tips for older adults can help you start, stick to, and enjoy exercise.

The magazine of Alpha Gamma Rho Agriculture Fraternity Spring 2019

Bigger Than Me Presentation File: www.bayrobertssda.org/pdf/sermon-notes/Bigger-Than-Me.pdf Recorded live at the Bay Roberts Seventh-day Adventist Chu...

Imagine being involved in rice harvesting in Thailand, experiencing advances in dairy farming in Switzerland, cattle ranching in Argentina, or opportunities in more than 15 other countries.

The possession, use and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages will follow all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city and institution of higher education
No purchasing of alcohol through the chapter's treasury
No pooling of funds to purchase alcohol.
All recruitment/rush functions will be "dry" functions.
No alcohol shall be present for any prospective or new member program or activity of the chapter.
No Open Parties.…

Attention Van Zandt-Guinn Community and Friends
Beginning March 4th, we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Week with some fun and wacky literacy activities happening at Van Zandt-Guinn… But we need your help! We would love to have you come by our campus to read your favorite Dr. Seuss story to one of our awesome classes! If you are interested in participating, please select from the list of available time slots below. You may also request a specific book(s) to read, too. You…

The Loyalty Fund supports the Foundation in providing educational programs and services for the National Fraternity including leadership seminars, scholarships, matching funds to Chapters, Housemot…

APPLY TODAY! Alpha Gamma Rho is looking for collegiate members who are leaders on their campus and in their chapter to serve as a voice to the National Fraternity. This eight-man Council will work …

Alpha Gamma Rho hopes your year is off to a great start! We encourage every Alpha Gamma Rho Brother to take advantage of all agricultural networking events, especially those involving the fraternit…

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