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Can we afford to teach our children? In the U.S. we can generally agree that educating our children is important. Consensus stops there. Whether the U.S. education system is broken, and if so, how to best fix it, is an... Read More

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Ready for school to start? We’re not either.To help you get ready, we enlisted the advice of some teachers from grade school through college to tell

Step by step instructions to photograph, measure and draft your furniture plan like an expert. Registration - $97.00

Performance of outdoor decorative lighting involves much more than lamping and light output. Outdoor fixtures must also withstand the damaging effects of climate and location, including UV, salt spray, humidity and extreme temperatures, and they should be environmentally friendly. In this one hour c

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Lou Acevedo of Massachusetts elected president of Boys Nation 2019; Montana’s Thomas Penley is vice president.

3 Easy Ways to Decorate with Mirrors Using mirrors as part of your design décor is an easy and effective way to maximize your dollars and brighten your home. Mirrors can morph any room, from expanding the feeling of space and volume to adding a sense of glamour. Here are three basic steps to foll

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We are all familiar with cruise control, that setting on your steering wheel or dashboard that makes it easy to just set the speed you want to drive at and just monitor speed instead of actively using the pedal to adjust your speed. But how does Cruise Control actually help

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We’re here to help you pick the membership that best matches your journey. Thankfully, in the CASBO community, there’s a match for everyone who works in school business or supports school business leaders - so it’s merely a matter of matching you with the proper membership option and starting to reap the benefits.

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Eskaton Village Grass Valley partnered with Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning (SAEL) in Nevada City, CA to create an intergenerational project, called...

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Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts, formerly Mufflers and More, offers full vehicle and engine repairs to Walled Lake, West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills

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Half a dozen research groups just presented new results on various experimental tests, including one that seems 88% accurate at indicating Alzheimer's risk.

Older adults who participate in the Eskaton Telephone Reassurance program talk about what it feels like to be lonely and how a simple phone call changes thei...

Environmental education can help people of all ages grapple with and act on complex issues involving sustainability and the environment. But schools and other organizations that design environmental education programs—and the researchers who study those experiences—often vary in how they define and measure “environmental literacy,” a broad term that typically includes an understanding of environmental concepts and the skills to make effective decisions around these issues.

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Want to see your event in 5 things? Email information about your event at least two weeks in advance to features@recordnet.com or add it to our calendar

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