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The Bureau of Meteorology has awarded Unisys a $16.48m contract to design, build and manage a new cloud infrastructure and upgraded WAN.

Phil Kernick, co-founder and CTO of cybersecurity specialist CQR Consulting, has no fundamental problem with DevOps, but asks, from a security

Did you know investors turn to big data often for massive ROIs? Here's why that is so important and what to know about it.

Fortune 500 companies, Chinese firms, and about everyone else, still lagging in terms of DMARC adoption.

BASF Hosts Climate Summit of the Chemical Industry. Technology Experts from the Chemical Industry Strive to Reduce CO2 Emissions Through Collaboration “We all want to further significantly reduce CO2

While St. Louis is known for glamorous music venues like The Fox Theatre and Powell Hall, the city boasts many smaller, eclectic venues within bars, bistros, and clubs. Chase Club, located inside T…

Procurement, or the process of purchasing and paying for goods and services an organization needs to carry out its business……

For many New Englanders, lobster rolls are synonymous with summer. Classic lobster rolls come in two main styles, ...

WEST CHESTER — At just 9 years old, Owen Jones, a resident of West Grove, is inspiring a lot of people. Since he was just three, Owen has attended summer

HHS system security is again being criticized by GAO, which found the agency's cybersecurity risk management strategy is missing key NIST elements that would ensure risk mitigation, and data security.

Federal officials and lawmakers pressed the Census Bureau to increase testing of new technologies being used in the 2020 census, lest they jeopardize the integrity of the population count. The bureau estimates the census will cost $15.6 billion, a $3 billion increase over its original estimate. To save money the bureau plans to increase automated …

Patient response rates have been declining over the years; the response rate was 33% in 2008 but just 26% in 2017.

Do you know why microservice design is so popular within the development of BI tools? The answer is clear: it helps to develop scalable and flexible solutions. But microservice architecture has a great drawback. Its performance usually requires great improvements.

Blockchain’s potential benefits to the financial system are undeniable, but hurdles mean large-scale adoption could take years

This post was written by Ofir Press. Ofir is a graduate student at Tel-Aviv University’s Deep Learning Lab. His main focus is on using deep learning for natura…

While more financial institutions are offering digital lending functionality, their applications are neither fast nor easy to use.

69% of SMBs have not identified and documented cybersecurity threats, while 66% have not identified and documented cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

A CTO shares four lessons that surprised him in his journey from developer to manager of IT teams. Consider this advice

Business leaders continue to be enthusiastic about data, with two-thirds (67%) acknowledging the potential of data in helping them grow their businesses. Emphasizing data’s business impact, a new study [download page] from Dun & Bradstreet that surveyed more than 500 business decision-makers in the US and UK has revealed that half (50%) of these executives… Read More »

SMBs aren't prioritizing cybersecurity prevention strategies, even though they are at risk of attack, according to a Keeper Security report.

The July edition of CIO Bulletin, recognizes Elemica as a one of the 30 admired companies to watch in 2019. CIO Bulletin writes: To read the complete article and interview with Elemica CEO…

Assessment can and should be part of every higher-education institution’s digital transformation--here's why and how to prioritize them.

It has been found that many behavioral factors impact both heart and bone health. How much do you know? Take our quiz to find out!

Read our latest post from Philipp Krueger (University of Geneva), Zacharias Sautner (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management), and Laura T. Starks (University of Texas).

Facial recognition is here to stay, but gaining the trust of those unfamiliar with the technology will be crucial for public safety agencies across the country.

IT Outsourcing News from Central and Eastern Europe - Cyberattacks and data breaches have cost UK mid-market companies over £30 billion, yet organizations remain complacent about their cybersecurity capabilities.

The tech is freeing up Customs and Border Protection employees—once they learned to trust it.

The Department of Energy will award $37M in grants supporting research projects to grow the quantum

This article was written by Aatash Shah.
Many people have this doubt, what’s the difference between statistics and machine learning? Is there something like…

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how CRM Recruit can improve your recruiting and admissions processes.

We’ve all been there before…you take the first bite of a popsicle or an ice cream cone only to be momentarily sidelined by a brief, intense headache.

★★★★★ The agents at Del Val are very kind and helpful. They assisted me with a tough situation and I was grateful for the help! They provided prompt responses and were always available to answer my questions!

Next Level Grilling Workshop with Comfort Food Guru Dan Whalen and Chef Mario Vasquez of Art Bar
Summer's half way over, and tailgate season is just around the corner, so you're overdue to add some excitement to your played out grilling routine. Join author Dan Whalen--king of comfort food twists and mash-ups--and chef Mario Vasquez of Art Bar for two hours of inspired grilling guidance and delicious eats
The homegrown flavor of local lamb will be the star of the show, which kicks…

Project monitoring is one of the most important aspects of the SaaS development process. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most neglected aspects.

We increasingly hear employers, prospective students and futurists saying that it is all about the skills, not about the degree. What does that mean for higher ed?

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has awarded Unisys a three-year contract valued at approximately AU$16.48 million to design, build, and manage new cloud infrastructure and upgrade its wide area network to support current weather services. Unisys Asia Pacific vice president and general manager Rick Mayhew emphasised how the new hybrid cloud infrastructure would provide a “secure and resilient”…

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You’ll need to follow some basic guidelines, especially if your commute takes you into the city.

Advanced wireless tech rolling out around the U.S. will complement banking institutions’ customer experience strategy on mobile and more.

Elisa Smart Factory can help organisations along the journey with our deep industry insights and technology expertise.

There are so many reasons to visit New Orleans—legendary jazz, historic architecture, elegant steamboats on the river and countless festivals year-round. Now, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of t…

CNN's John Avlon explains the national security risk posed by 5G technology from one of its biggest developers, Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.