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We’re always looking for talented, dedicated people who believe in the power of education and the potential of children. Equal Opportunity Employer.

Looking for Dental Service Promotions? Crystal dental offers periodic promotions on your dental care for dental implants and Invisalign. Call 213.748.8448.

The fallout from Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal has left the automaker in an awkward spot: It must now fund an ad campaign pushing electric vehicle awareness that highlights competitors' products.

Vulnerable devices like routers and webcams are providing an easy means of cyber criminals conducting attacks - and staying anonymous while doing it.

Reddit has been in the news, following an incident where users’ log in details were compromised. IT security experts commented below. Frederik Mennes, Senior Manager Market & Security Strategy, Security Competence Center at OneSpan: “In order to effectively deal with today’s cyber security threats, organizations should protect their accounts with strong, multi-factor authentication. Reddit did so, but …

The Internet is a double-edged sword, presenting at once possibilities for business opportunities undreamed of twenty years ago – fast and cheap communications, multitudes of customers, “frictionless” commerce – and possibilities for fraudulent practices on a scale heretofore unimagined – Ponzi, pyramid, and illegal “multi-level marketing” (MLM) schemes that can use the reach of the…

The project laminates massive timbers together like a giant plywood.

Parental leave policies are on the rise. Maternity. Paternity. Caregiver. You name it. I am drafting more of these policies than ever before. So, you can imagine my interest when, last year, the EEOC sued skin care/fragrance behemoth Estée Lauder, claiming that its parental leave policies discriminated against men. According to the EEOC at the … Continue Reading

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Looking for the best relaxing tea? Our Chill Out Tea is one of the most favorable relaxation teas which will ease your mind and spirit, melting away all of your worries.

Six senior executives explain how they've designed their workspaces to improve processes, and foster employee creativity and happiness.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Gift of Life Marrow Registry! Complete this page and the next steps which include a brief health history and your contact details. We then mail you a cheek swab kit which you use at home and send back to us for testing. If you prefer to register at a donor drive in your community, click here for a list of upcoming drives.

Multiple assaults on freedom of the press of China's stripe just show how stupid and whiny the U.S. press's claims about President Trump really are.

Use the enhanced My Library Account (which offers an ezlogin option) to renew books, make fine payments, check hold status and suspend holds, save searches, save lists, and even provide others with an rss feed of your saved lists
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Los Angeles County is poised to become a world leader in bioscience development and commercialization, commensurate with its role in research and talent development.

On Tuesday, August 14, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will vote on a motion that, if passed, would trigger the creation of an ambitious new “road map” to help LA County keep more of its mentally ill population out of lock-up. The hoped for plan would also examine which inmates now in jail could be diverted, and what kind of help is needed to keep those who do wind up in the justice system from repeatedly returning when they get out…

By Robert García Open Space August 2018 Two miles from Gaviota State Park beach, just west of Santa Barbara, California, sits Hollister Ranch, a gated community that’s one of the last large holdings of property along the California shore. State […]

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors joins the faculty at Arizona's Prescott College to teach a course centered on social justice, cultural work, and community organizing.

Show your fearless sense of fashion in this striped pullover that has lace and grommet detailng around the neckline and a bold open sleeve that ties at the cuffline

During #BankBlackMiami in 2016, Michael Render a.k.a Killer Mike shared his outlook on joint investments and the financing of homes with the help of friends.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is pursuing a federal referendum on unpopular government plans to raise the pension age. The ruling United Russia party plans to raise the retirement age to 65 for men and 63 for women, but opponents of the plans have pointed out that male life expectanc...

The next time you spot those shining mounds of Bing, Rainier or yellow cherries at the farmers market, snap up a few pounds and try these five cherry recipes that go way beyond pie.

Use your commute or workout to become a smarter music marketer. Had enough Cardi B on the car radio? Tired of Trump-talk on the news? Sick of hearing Rupert Holmes’ “Escape” on Sirius XM’s Yacht Rock station? I am. So for the past few months I’ve been diving back into music business and songwriting podcasts …

APLA Health today announced construction of its newest federally qualified health center at 5901 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 310, Los Angeles, CA. .

Located in Houston’s vibrant Montrose District, The Printing Museum is dedicated to promoting, preserving, and sharing print history, communication, and art.

In response to Kaspersky research finding that the fileless PowerGhost cryptomining malware is targeting corporate networks is moredifficult to detect than other miners because it doesn’t download malicious files to the device and so is likely to operate longer unnoticed, an expert with Corero Network Security offers comments. Sean Newman, Director Product Management at Corero Network Security: “The …

Sweet tea is as famous in the South as “southern hospitality.” When you think of this drink, you can’t help but conjure images of lazy summer afternoons on a local patio. But it’s not just a great drink! In fact, sweet tea also has some really amazing health benefits. The best southern sweet tea is...Read More

Web development today is completely different from what it was a few years ago; there are lots of different things that can easily baffle…

Here's a selection of our favorite Los Angeles-based NGOs that are looking for volunteers—check out this list if you feel like giving back to the community: