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Downtime creates a stressful environment for everyone involved, from the team trying to resolve the problem to everyone else. With System failures...

Two security issues disclosed by Facebook over the past month are worse than first thought, adding to a harrowing series of data-handling mishaps by the social

Over one third of web traffic in 2018 was driven by bots, according to a new report from Distil Networks, with Amazon the greatest source of bad bots...

Truck drivers have a stressful job. Between isolation, extended time away from loved ones, and long hours on the road, long-haul truck drivers are vulnerable to depression. But implementing even one of these prevention strategies can reduce the risk and keep your drivers healthy.

On Facebook, we asked parents what they want others to know about their children on the autism spectrum. Here are some their answers.

Western Australians are being asked to be alert to the risk of measles following a confirmed measles illness in a person who travelled to Perth from Thailand and visited several public areas in the Perth Metro this week.

The Department of Health is reminding people over the Easter break and school holidays not to eat fish, crabs or shellfish collected from the Swan River downstream from Pelican Point to Como Jetty and upstream to Maali Bridge Park, Herne Hill.

New Dental Healthcare Service Type Codes Approved
NDEDIC’s Workgroup 1, Dental Service Type Taskforce is pleased to announce that four new Dental Service Type Codes (STCs) have been approved by the Healthcare Codes Committee
Through an NDEDIC led collaborative effort and the support of the American Dental Association, National Association of Dental Plans, the X12 Workgroup 1 and Dental Caucus five dental codes requests were reviewed…

Resources and helpful information for people with diabetes during emergency weather situations.

Those strips and gels you use to get your teeth as pearly white as possible may come with some previously unknown risks, according to new, preliminary research out this week. It found that the key ingredient in these products—hydrogen peroxide—could be capable of damaging dentin, the second, deeper layer of our teeth that lies beneath the enamel surface.

People commonly attribute headaches to stress, but there’s no official headache classification of "stress headaches." However, stress certainly plays a role in making any headache worse
People often say that their headaches are caused by stress, but there's no official headache classification of "stress headaches." However, stress certainly plays a role in making any headache worse
Emotional stress is one of the most common causes of…

While not all candy is great for your teeth, there are two types that are the absolute worst and should be avoided.

A beginner's guide on everything you need to know about starting an occupational health program, from what work health is to how to increase employee engagement.

Save Your Seat for the 2019 Summit
Join NDEDIC for the 2019 Summit: Diverse Voices - Shared Commitment at the W Foshay in Minneapolis from April 30 - May 1, 2019. We are excited to welcome top notch speakers, work group discussions, task group meetings, cyber security and more in-depth topics. This 3-day event is geared toward EDI professionals and includes all stakeholder groups. We are bringing together all of the diverse EDI voices with a shared commitment to create better EDI processes.…

by Nick Rudomin, Our Daily Bread Employment Center Volunteer Coordinator Bernie has been volunteering at …

Combine exercise and family time by incorporating physical activity at every stage of your kids' lives.

Many people are surprised to learn what counts as a drink. The amount of liquid in your glass, can, or bottle does not necessarily match up to how much alcohol is actually in your drink. Different types of beer, wine, or malt liquor can have very different amounts of alcohol content. For example, many light beers have almost as much alcohol as regular beer – about 85% as much. Here’s another way to put it:

Laughter is powerful stress-relief medicine. Discover how to fire up your sense of humor.

Your individual risk factors, such as ethnicity, lifestyle, and family, will determine when you should start getting checked. See if you're at risk.