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The Lakers had a game plan against the NBA’s leading scorer and saw it through in the 111-106 win.

The Titan guard blocks a shot by the Aggies’ Siler Schneider in the final minute to help Fullerton to its ninth win in 10 games. CSF is alone in second place in the Big West with four games left.

After a hot 4-0 start to the season, the Saints learned their first lesson on Thursday.

Cabrillo, which features an exceptional group on top, led by Arnold Giron, is set to take on No. 1-seed Arlington on Saturday in the Division 2 final at Warren High School.

Is Christianity a Religion of Carrots and Sticks
Greg responds to the challenge that Christianity is just a religion of “carrots and sticks,” then he answers questions about God’s will vs. our responsibility, whether being gay is like being left handed, Christian Zionism, and Acts 2:38.
If God’s will is always done, why are we held responsible? (21:00)
What do you say to someone who says being gay is like being left handed? (28:00)
What do you think about Christian Zionism? (39:00)…

Alan Shlemon of Stand to Reason responds to this week's challenge. For more information, visit