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Optimize your health and well-being with chiropractic care. #ThinkChiropractic

Yes, there is an option that allows you get straighter teeth without giving up the foods you love so much. connecting Businesses To The Jewish Community Since 1989 connecting Businesses To The Jewish Community Since 1989

New study suggests flesh-eating bacteria is spreading to East Coast waters
Last updated: Jun 28, 2019
A new study published in the June 2019 journal Annals of Internal Medicine shows that warmer waters may be driving up the cases of Vibriosis, a flesh-eating bacterial infection, in regions of the country, including New Jersey’s coastal waters, where it typically would not be found
In the past two…

Hit a home run for your health with chiropractic care. #ThinkChiropractic

Considering dental crowns & veneers. If you’re trying to decide how to make your teeth look their best, here’s some information on crowns vs veneers.

Politics play an important role in the therapeutic relationship and political disclosure now common for psychotherapists.

Not sure what periodontal disease or periodontitis is? Here is some information about periodontal disease and periodontitis, and how dentists treat it. connecting Businesses To The Jewish Community Since 1989

Not everyone identifies as male or female. This is what it’s like to be nonbinary in a world that wants to box you in.

Last updated: Jun 05, 2019
A Quick Guide to Men’s Health and Wellness
Men of all ages face unique health threats, but the good news is that you can help take control with healthy behaviors and regular screenings
To help you stay on top of your health, below are some preventive health guidelines based on recommendations from the US Preventive Services Task Force, American Cancer Society…

Thursday, 4:50 – 7:10pm GPSA507 Human Development: Thru the Lifespan from Birth to Death /Semel (TBA) This course focuses on the vicissitudes of human development through the life span and within intrapsychic, biological, family, environmental and cultural context. How the individual approaches developmental tasks or copes with challenges of inner and outer reality, from …

Tuesday, 4:50 – 7:10pm GPSA 104 Multicultural Issues in Mental Health Work/Hess (Main) Multicultural Issues in Mental Health Work is a counseling course designed to introduce students to theoretical models of diversity and identity development. Students will examine theories of race, ethnicity, class, sex, gender, sexual orientation and Ability, as a means of understanding the … connecting Businesses To The Jewish Community Since 1989