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Wellcome Trust chairwoman warns Boris Johnson that Britain will lose out if it "amputates" the EU.

Manchester mayor Andy Burnham said he wanted "real action to back up the prime minister's words".

The project aims to reduce electricity costs and dependence on fossil fuels as the country aims to use 100% green energy in 2020.

The temperature in Europe reached heights of 42 degrees Celsius, similar to that experienced in the Arab Gulf.

India has launched a bid to land on the moon – here are three things you need to know as the mission takes off.

In today’s digital age, most children learn to swipe and click before they can speak coherently or walk. Now a number of Indian education centres are taking the next logical step.

Every year the residents of one city take out more than 111 million books. But where is it?

He beat Jeremy Hunt in a ballot of party members and will enter Downing Street on Wednesday.

The country’s tough new laws aim to stop harassment at work, which remains a problem for employees around the world.

60% of millennials see themselves in management positions in the next decade.

A study found that cognitive decline decreased by half in adults who wore hearing aids or had cataract surgery.

We all need a mentor. We need someone to show us what is possible, to believe in us and guide us towards our best future.

Sell cake for Macmillan at The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning this September – bake it or fake it, at work or at home and make a difference to people facing cancer.