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Friday will be considered a snow day for some schools throughout the valley. The cancellations come as a result of reports of potential freezing conditions on the roads that would be unsafe for school buses during the morning commute. The following list below is a list of all of the schools that will be closed on Friday, Feb. 21, 2019: Clark County School District: All schools and after-school activities, including athletics and SafeKey, will be canceled.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a multiple vehicle crash near Tropicana Avenue and Decatur Boulevard. The crash took place around 6:19 p. m. , in the 4700 block of Decatur Boulevard. According to police, a vehicle was north on Decatur in the number 3 lane, and for an unknown reason, the vehicle lost control, crossed 7 lanes into oncoming traffic, resulting in a multiple vehicle accident. One subject was transported to the hospital.

They are victimized and abused, young girls forced into a life on the fringes, trafficked into the sex trade. It’s a world that exists in tandem with ours but while those victims and their abusers' number in the dozens there is not a single safe house in Nevada for those rescued girls to live. “Today, if a young person gets picked up there is not an alternative to detention or Child Haven. Both are hardworking but don’t have the people but do not…