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Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling Political experts say polls don’t lie, but liars poll. Unless it’s your own internal pollsters that show you are losing voters in swing states and there’s little you can do lest you change course. But this is only one reason why President Donald Trump attacked the four congresswomen known as “The Squad,” belittling their race, sex, age and politics. His pollsters discovered something else. Supporters still had a fixated preoccupation with their

The Taliban continue to attack civilians in Afghanistan, despite reportedly pledging to negotiators in Qatar that they would stop. What is the militant group trying to achieve by continuing these violent attacks? ...

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention said two people are dead and another 768 are ill due to nationwide Salmonella outbreaks linked to popular dog treats and backyard poultry on Thursday, according to USA Today. The CDC posted an update on two separate outbreaks with the first linked to contact with pig ear dog treats and another linked to contact with people who have backyard poultry pens. The outbreak has now spread to 48 states with 122 hospitalizations out of the 768…

Former special counsel Robert Mueller was a man of few words on Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee's hearing, but he did push back against President Donald Trump's claims of his probe as a "witch hunt," according to USA Today. “The president was not exculpated for the acts that he allegedly committed,” Mueller said before adding Trump could face charges over that after he leaves office. “We did not address ‘collusion,’ which is not a legal term,” Mueller said. “Rather, we focused on

DUBAI - From ballistic missiles to unmanned drones, Yemen's Huthi rebels appear to have bolstered their fighting capabilities, posing a serious threat to mighty neighbour Saudi Arabia. In June alone, the Iran-aligned Shiite Huthis launched at least 20 missile and drone attacks on the oil-rich kingdom, Iran's regional foe, some resulting in casualties and damage. Saudi advanced air defences successfully intercepted most of the strikes but failed to deal with some, including a drone attack on the

While the summertime can be a great time to enjoy the open air and holidays with your family or friends, it is also the season when the most traffic accidents

If you're ready to start a family and you let your relatives and friends know, they might start telling you all the little myths and old wives tales about getting pregnant. Here are a few myths that have been debunked over the years.

The United Nation's health agency warned the possibility of the Ebola outbreak spreading from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the region "remains very high" after it declared the ongoing epidemic a "public health emergency of international concern" on Wednesday, according to STAT News. The declaration was issued just weeks before the one-year anniversary of the declaration that an outbreak was underway, with more than 2,500 cases reported over the last 12 months and the death toll

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Summer is heating up, and those little ones are itching to spend all day in the pool, at the beach or outside playing. But before you finish tying their shoes or putting on their swimsuit, you might want to grab some sunscreen and other forms of sun protection.

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Rising mental health and substance abuse issues take a big toll on a business’ bottom line, but investing in treatment can provide a significant return. That’s why a newly formed coalition focused on mental wellness wants buy-in and support from Tampa-St. Pete companies. The new group, the West Central Florida Mental Wellness Coalition Inc., was [...]

Sugar or Fat: The Lesser of Two Evils
With so many competing diet plans out there, it can be hard to figure out what’s okay to eat, what we should eat less of, and what we should cut out entirely. Case in point: sugar vs. fat. We know that too much of either is unhealthy, but is one worse than the other? Could cutting out sugar or fat be the answer to our health and weight goals
Some sugar is found naturally…

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The UnMonsters are loose, but don't let that scare you. You can round them up with a lasso for more points or hold & drag them one by one if you need to