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BOSTON (PRWEB) January 17, 2019
MaidPro was recently recognized in a Boston Globe feature story for the many charitable works performed through its non-profit MaidPro Cares program. The article h

We have been patients for years. We moved 2 hours away but refuse to change dentists. While coming back to town for my husband’s surgeon appointment, i broke my tooth while drivin. I called hoping they could get me in since we would be in town. They fit me in their schedule right after surgeon appointment and got me in and out in an hour. Thankfully tooth isn’t bad but after X-ray and alittle polishing the rough edge, I was back on the… provides ACH payments processing, automates your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.

Laser vision surgery can be performed despite anterior corneal scars in pts who have potential for best corrected vision. The scars can be used in two forms;...

Between 1976 and 2009 in Canada, the number of women in government increased six-fold, while mortality decreased 37.5%.

iEnhance connects people looking to enhance their look with a directory of cosmetic surgery experts and information for enhancing their body, image, and health.

Synopsis : Many parties to ERISA litigation and arbitration pay lip service to the burden of proof, put on their respective cases and leave it to the trier of fact to decide which side deserves United States Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration Seyfarth Shaw LLP 16 Jan 2019

Like it or not, we’re now all living in a world with infinite access to information. Machines are outperforming humans at increasingly complex cognitive tasks and companies will soon require employees to work with both digital and human colleagues on increasingly complex projects. Can the teaching methods and standard classroom setting—one teacher, standing in front …

Getting ready to hire a contractor? HouseLogic lists 5 essential questions to ask candidates to help you hire the best remodeling contractor.

Furnish your space through every life transition with CORT. Visit a Rental Showroom or Clearance Center near you to shop for your home & office today.

Lee Giat, Executive Producer of The STEM, speaks about his Russian Astronaut Training on WJXT4 The Local Station / News4JAX this morning.

Don’t fudge on answers about things like medications, alcohol use, sleep habits and exercise routines.

Small Business Group, Inc. is an accounting firm specializing in helping Entrepreneurs grow their businesses through bookkeeping, counseling, and workshops located in Jacksonville, FL.

Job-hopping: A way to seriously boost your earnings, but is it right for you? Read on for the pros and cons of jumping ship.

Finding human connection in a crowded city is often hard. But this organization has a novel approach to tackling the problem of urban loneliness: street listening.

Sue Giger gives free henna tattoos to cancer patients and others suffering from illnesses through a program she created called Battle Armor: Henna for Healing.

The rise of robots and artificial intelligence might actually open up further job opportunities – if we learn how to effectively channel our talents for the coming age.

Craft brewers pride themselves on the ingenuity of their latest draught, but on Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving), local brewers, along with more than a thousand others across the country, brewed the exact same beer recipe to raise money for those affected by this summer’s historic California wild fires. The Resilience Butte County Proud …

Robots have the potential to provide much needed assistance that is both complementary and beneficial.

Hiring has never been harder. Not surprisingly, training has never been more popular. Here’s why you need to make reskilling a permanent part of your talent strategy.

From the Orkney Islands of Scotland to the bustling city streets of Tokyo, hydrogen innovators are discovering ways to fuel the future of transport.

A small new study finds a short walk or yoga session could immediately improve memory function. - My Vision was poor in both eyes and affecting different aspects of my life, I had corneal scars and cataracts. I had 2 eye doctors/...

Although most have never heard the term “cavernous malformation,” as many as 1 in 500 people may have this condition, which can cause bleeding, seizures, muscle weakness, and motor and

This week's VyStar All-Star Athlete is Amber LaGatta of First Coast High School. Amber, a soccer player, has a GPA of 4.3.

Planned construction in Duval on I-10 west ramp to Exit 362 Stockton St, off-ramp closed. Last updated at 03:40:46PM.

On the move? When selling a home, you want to close quickly and, of course, for your asking price or better. To do this, you need to showcase every ounce of its potential. That’s where staging—the act of decorating a home in order to make it appealing to a large swath of potential buyers—comes in. So, how best to stage a home? …

Wealthy teens at a Long Island middle school are told to leave their $350 Moncler hats at home after they keep going missing.